Bit of a Rant, Followed by Pimping

alias rantSo I’ve started the third season of Alias now, and as I’m a bit OCD on the subject of commentary tracks I need to either a) listen to the immediately after finishing the episode they’re for, or b) ignore them entirely for the time being. B often comes up with things like 24, where half the episodes get commentary, or even worse Freaks and Geeks, where every ep gets commentary, and many get  two or three. Alias only has four per season (for seasons 2-4 at least), so I’ve placed it in the A category.

The season three premiere featured commentary, so I listened to it. Wow was it hard to sit through that. See, this was a special commentary track, in that it was done by two fangirls. Yup, just fangirls, no connection to the show at all. Now I’ve heard tracks featuring fans before, but they normally also feature some actors or a director or something. Nope, just two fangirls. It was like a really lame fan review vid from YouTube, except it was 43 fucking minutes long.

This included such wonderful snippits of info as “Vartan needs to shave,” “I think that’s that guy from that movie,” repeating lines that were just said because the characters were being so themselves, and discussions of the groups they commonly watch the show with back home. Now I’m sure this was really cool for them, getting to do commentary for a show they love, but for people who are not them, it kinda really sucks. The only part I kinda liked was that they both wanted a little Syd/Weiss action in season three.

So, a note to all future DVD special features people: it’s okay to get fans involved, but please pair them with some other, show-related people.

Jerk's BINGO!

Jerk's BINGO!

*deep breath* Okay! Now for the pimping part! None of you J/DBer’s have joined in on our little BINGO dealie. It’s terrible, DoubleBitch has spent the last day just sitting at home crying, hitting F5 hoping someone would post their bingo sheet. There’s empty gin bottles everywhere, and so much Hall & Oates.

So take a little time and a few browser tabs and throw together a bingo card! Look, I did it, so easy and fun! So read up on ho to make your own in the post DB made below! It’ll be fun, srsly. If you don’t we’re so gonna play ourselves anyway.



~ by Jerk on June 11, 2009.

One Response to “Bit of a Rant, Followed by Pimping”

  1. Thats a good question, why do people hate fun?

    okay honestly, If we were asked to do a commentary, which would be AMAZING, we’d probably spend two weeks doing research and practically scripting the damn thing. LAME

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