Late Night Heats Up

If we really stop to think about it, in the past few month’s we’ve seen more change in the late night pannel than has happened in generations.  I think it’s been for the better and while I know a lot of people dislike Jimmy Fallen, I think he’s doing an alright job.  I think he’ll grow into it, though I’m still a little surprised he took it in the first place.

It’s nice to know that as much as things change they’ll still be a little bit the same.  I’ve been looking forward to Conan on the Tonight Show for years.  I’ve been waiting for Leno to kick the bucket because I think he’s boring.  Letterman is only good for his top tens and when he makes fun of Paris Hilton.  Over the past week we’ve seen a couple clips become viral hits and I’m forced to wonder if this is going to become a trend.  With people ‘totally over’ appointment television does that make late night the soucre of viral video and thats it?  I think shows like The Tonight Show would do well posted online and available for podcasting daily.

Late night programs sprung from the many variety shows, which also sprung from the early radio like tv programs that would go on for hours.  If you’re interested in this Betty White has a great description of her life in early tv in her book “Here We Go Again: My life in Television”  You can pick it up used for about 15 cents, but it’s still one of my favorites if you’re a TV buff.  What it comes down to is Late Night has 3 portions.  Comedy, Interview and Music.   With fewer and fewer musicians actually performing live or being able to perform live the appeal of the later is fading away.  Comedy is left up to the host and I think with our line up, we’re doing okay.   Interview has to be the hardest part of the job.  Canadians are lucky enough to have one of the best popculture interviewers of our generation on late night tv.  If you’re interested in checking out something new, try George Stromboulopoulous on The Hour.   And yes, we do just grow up knowing how to say that guys name.   He understands viral, understands his audience and doesn’t ever speak down to them.  I like that.

Anyway, I came out here to drop a few links.. okay a few more links.  This week’s Late Night hits if you’ve managed to miss them:  MPG proving yet again how he’s managed to stay awesome on Jimmy Fallon and Conan’s new set meets the Super Mario Bros.



~ by doublebitch on June 12, 2009.

One Response to “Late Night Heats Up”

  1. I’ve never understood people thinking George’s name is hard to day, its phonetic. Spelling on the other hand…

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