Raising the Bar returns to TV

Picture 5Raising the Bar premiered with the perfect second season premiere.  It was the most self aware second season premier I’ve ever seen.  The storyline did a great job of winding it’s way through the characters, reminding you of all the little thing’s about them you’d forgotten over the past few months.

Gilardi’s trouble with her husband and the other blonde lawyer’s love for the ladies (granted they didn’t  touch his love for his boss).  We got a good helping of the evil boss and a reminder that Jerry Kellerman isn’t the only reason we love this show.  Judge Kessler has softened and her assistant Charlie is finally looking a little more comfortable in his own skin.  Last but not least, it reminds us why Jerry Kellerman is the man.

Saying they really played up the hair thing is a bit of an understatement.  It gave me weird flashbacks of Lana at that gas bar sink but at least it served a purpose, and the sexy haircut intro sequence was pretty awesome.  Getting J August in a wig also gets bonus points.

Overall, the premier totally made up for the half assed finale last season.  Personally, I think I’ll just consider them 1.0 and 1.5.  With a total of 25 episodes between the two, they could easily make one nice set.  Anyway, I’m glad RtB is back  in full force.



~ by doublebitch on June 13, 2009.

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