The Death Carnival

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a Heroes post here on J/DB, so I’m here to fill the quota with a rambling ranty post. As the summer rolls along we start to get info on the upcoming season, and honestly so far it’s not really wowing me. I mean, there’s good bits, like the following Bryan Fuller quote from this article:

“We love the cast. That’s the thing. … We just sort of have to find better uses for them.”

Which is completely true, Heroes has a tendency to lose track of it’s own characters’ story arcs at which point they just completely change everything, until that too is forgotten about. So I’m all for giving each character a compelling story. Of course, they’ve already announced a bunch of casting choices for new characters.

grunny whaaa

Grunny's confused by his show.

One of these is Madeline Zima as Claire’s college roommate. Because her constant attempts at having a normal life have worked out so well for her up to this point. I mean, how did she even graduate from high school? Always digging up graves with her bio-family, or changing her own diaper in the past or some such nonsense. I don’t think she’s seen the inside of a classroom since the last time she saw West (read: sometime in season two). Where was I? Oh yeah, Madeline Zima, the “edgy outsider” college roommate. Gee I wonder if she’ll have powers of some sort.

Now okay, yes that does sound like just a slight twist on every Claire plot to date, but they are doing some new stuff like the death carnival! Which is a carnival of… superpowered death, or something. Evil power carnies. Yeah it doesn’t really sound like something that fits the Heroes-verse, but at least they’re doing something new, I don’t see carnies blowing up the Earth.


He's confused by Heroes too.

Of course, Carnivale already exists and if the first episode is any indication (it’s all I’ve seen of the series, DB bought it a couple weeks ago) it’s pretty sweet. So if you want a show about a carnival, you can just go watch that. I get the whole ‘it’s a place for people with powers to fit in’ thing, that happens all the time in the X-Men (hell it happened in the Wolverine movie), but something working in superhero comics and something working on Heroes are two different things, and honestly, I see more potential for this to suck then… not suck. And even if it’s good, I think I’d still rather watch Carnivale.

While I’ve been pretty negative here, and honestly that’s how I feel, I am glad that they’re trying to do something different here, as opposed to what we got in Volume Three. So even if I’m not impressed with what I’m hearing, keep it up guys!

Oh, and if you want to know a comic book staple that I think would work really well for Heroes, why don’t you try bringing some dead characters back to life?




~ by Jerk on June 14, 2009.

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  1. uh i effin love that guy. both those guys really. I’ll be back to read after coffee.

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