Royal Pains feel pretty good

royal_pains_cast-500x375Last night I caught the Pilot for Royal Pains, well like at least 3/4th of it and I gotta say I was pretty impressed.  I’d heard a lot of buzz about it this past week from people who had seen screeners and everyone was saying it was good.  Good enough to watch a second episode and I’ll have to agree with their expert opinions. That’s exactly where I’d put it.

It’s a show that has potential.  Meet Hank a doctor wrongly discharged from his practice for treating a poor patient over a rich one.  Place Hank and his goofy loser brother in the Hamptons and see what happens.  He ends up treating the rich and making a few friends and bucks along the way.  Brother thinks this is a great idea, Hank’s not so sure.  Show ensues.

I think it could be good.  It’s a little like The OC meets a medical drama and I usually like both of those things.  The only really recognizable person on the show is the brother played by Brampton’s own Paulo Costanzo.  He’s that funny guy from.. you know.. that movie.  I know him especially from Josie and the pussy cats but probably other stuff too.

The show has a good set up to be different each week and develop character relationships that we’re interested in.  Now it’s just up to the show and the writers to keep it going.  I will be tuning into episode 2 next week.  Royal Pains airs on the USA network Thursdays at 10 and apparently on other networks in Canada sometime on Sunday nights.



~ by doublebitch on June 15, 2009.

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