FOX loves Sock

Reaper fans are uniting and working on some ways to keep their show alive.  While I’m almost positive their efforts will fall upon deaf ears they have come up with  a few interesting concepts like a mass iTunes purchase and a twitter re-watching event on June 24th.   Or those who are willing to donate a little more to the cause are donating seasons to libraries, hospitals and Troops overseas.   So check out those links if you’re interested in helping the cause.

sons-of-tucson-promo-pic_558x666While devoted Reaper fans are still fighting to keep the show on the air, others are moving on.  One of those others being Tyler Labine who’s new show Sons of Tucson is being given a lot of support from FOX.

The new show stars Labine as “a con artist who a group of young kids hire to play their father when their real one ends up in jail.”   The premise sounds rather FOX family comedy-ish which is good.  They haven’t been able to really corner that market since Malcom in the Middle ended it’s seven season run.

Not only did Reaper’s arguably biggest star leave for this show but so did it’s producers.  I wonder if we’ll see any of that interconnected verse-ness like we saw with Eli Stone.  They really aren’t having luck this year but FOX is setting them up for success.  Sons of Tucson will begin airing mid-season on Sunday nights nestled safely and perfectly between new episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy.  This is the luckiest break in scheduling I’ve seen in years.  It almost guarantees a successful season and sets up a show for a large and logical starting audience.

I have yet to find a preview that will air internationally but when I do, I’ll let you know.  I’ll be catching the first few eps of this show for sure, mostly because I’ve been loving Labine since Breaker High.  Never seen it?  youtube it.  It’s nice to see a network that not only believes in it’s programming but actually tries to help it out instead of leaving it to flounder.



~ by doublebitch on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “FOX loves Sock”

  1. Oh thanks for this great post, promoting the campaign(s). And you make Tyler’s show sound pretty good!

    Love the Tracy Morgan quote btw. Love that guy.

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