Boy in the Bubble

josh friedmanJust a quick little post to point to this really cool blog post about the final days of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles by showrunner Josh Friedman. It’s him venting (and hilariously so) about what it’s like to have the show you’ve created cancelled, how the studio treats you when your show’s on the bubble, and what the people you work with think of you when your show’s on the bubble.

If you were a big SCC fan like I was, or if you’d like some hints of what it’s like on the business side of TV, give this a read.



~ by Jerk on June 19, 2009.

One Response to “Boy in the Bubble”

  1. Adding another excellent blog post about the death of SCC, this one by composer Bear McCreary. He lists his 15 favourite moments in the series, both as a Terminator fan and as the composer.

    The more I read after the show’s demise, the more I wish it had got just one more season.

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