JDB Actor Bingo: Day 4

keith_carradine.jp-2896I’ll be honest, I first fell in love with this next actor on a teen show produced by Mel Gibson.   That might sound strange and it is but with a long and diverse resume Keith Carradine is no stranger to strange.

Keith Carradine comes from a family of actors and got his start on Broadway in the musical “Hair”.  Keith originally went to the audition to play piano for  his brother David.  He was cast instead.  (I gotta start following people to auditions, this seems to happen a lot.)  Never fully leaving music or the stage Keith started in film in 1971 and continues to this day.  He even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television.  Some of his more recent credits include:   Dexter, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, Complete Savages, Deadwood, Star Trek: Enterprise and Frasier.  Be sure to check his IMDB to be sure you’ve got everything.

Trivia:  After his separation from his second wife, she illegally tapped his phones to get a better settlement and ended up in prison.   Also, he wants you to eat his quiche.

*NOTE* I’ve added a BINGO category over on the right in the “Showness” to help you find these posts easier if you happen to miss a day or two. Let us know how your cards are doing.  Anybody still empty?



~ by doublebitch on June 20, 2009.

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