I Knew Waiting Was a Good Idea

true blood s2 001You may have noticed that amid all our BINGO postness there was narry to be seen with regards to the second season of True Blood. That was my bad, but I had a reason and I think it worked out! DoubleBitch said I could have the TB post, but after watching the second season premiere I felt… a little underwhelmed. Less whelmed than I had hopped to be. Some bits were great (such as everything about Lafayette), some showed real potential (Michelle Forbes character, and all the various relationships with said character), and some bits were honestly a bit lame (Bill and to a much greater extent Sookie (and their creepy blood fetish sex scene), and I was pretty apathetic to the most recent murder on the show). Oh and Sookie’s one line dismissing Lizzy Caplan’s character as just some V junkie seemed really out of character to me. Anyway after watching the episode, I felt like I needed to wait until I’d watched the second episode as well before posting.

true blood s2 002Well, now I’ve watched the second episode and boy was I right. While the first episode felt a bit lacking, I thought the second was firing on all cylinders. Maybe even some extra cylinders that were just thrown in there for the hell of it, they were firing too. It was brilliantly funny (the triple play of Bill shopping for women’s clothing > the saleswoman hitting on him > Bill being totally gay for Eric was perfect), wonderfully gory (I loved Lafayette’s attempted escape), and even better I enjoyed all the various plotlines. Leaving out the latest dead body was a good move, though I’m pretty sure it will end up being tied to Maryann in the end. Oh and before this episode I could have cared less about Andy, but his line about dancing was great, and following that up by actually showing him dance was amazing! Almost as good a display of bad dancing as that one Angel episode.

When the first season finale introduced the ‘Jason joins the anti-vampire church’ storyline I was skeptical, to say the least. But so far I’ve really, really enjoyed it. I like the head guy and his wife, Jason is of course amazing, and his leader workshop nemesis Luke was great. I did not expect to like this story, let alone love it.

true blood s2 003I’m also really digging that Maryann appears to be some ancient, Dionysus-ish god, I’m really looking forward to finding out where Alan Ball and company are going with that one.

But so far the standout storyline of season two has to be Lafayette and Eric. Though that said, if next Sunday rolls around and Lafayette is not now a vamp I shall be very cross indeed. Oh and while we’re talking about Eric? Not sure about his new, normal style (even if Bill is), I really dug his old ‘Goth Viking’ look.

The first episode may have been a little on the weak side, but ep 202 was everything I love about the show in a neat 55-minute package.



~ by Jerk on June 25, 2009.

One Response to “I Knew Waiting Was a Good Idea”

  1. I feel like we should start a map
    ep 1 – eh
    ep 2 – woo!
    ep 3 – uh

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