Bone Delay

Bones-tv-show-f21So I finally got around to watching the final episode of Bones and first I should clarify that I’m not a regular watcher.  I’ve seen almost every episode of this past season but I couldn’t even tell you which season that is.  I watch for pretty much the same reason that I’d guess most people do, David Boreanaz, but I’ve grown to really enjoy the show in a CSI, L&O kinda way.  It’s something you’re glad to see when you’re flipping through the channels but you don’t feel too bad if you miss a few.

The finale was kind of an odd one.  Lets see what the team does when we take away their protector.  Booth being kidnapped was reminiscent of two things.  First the oh no he’s been buried alive thing has been done not only by this show but it reminded me a lot of that time they buried Nicky on CSI.  It was missing that element of ‘oh no! what’s going to happen?!”  because clearly we knew he’d be alright and they left no cliffhanger for next season, which I’m not that upset about.  I’m not really a fan of the cliffhanger but there needs to be some sustaining energy.  I guess it’s a well established show that generates it’s own audience.   The finale also reminded me of the episode of Angel when he was stuck in a submarine  but that’s probably just me.

One thing Bones has going for them is a strong cast.  Not just interesting supporting characters but Booth and Brennan specifically, they can hold their own story lines when separated and are classic when they’re together.  I see a lot of similarities between these two and Castle.  I think I’ve said that before but both shows pull it off well.

I kinda got off topic but I thought the finale was a little lack luster though I don’t really think that will be as much of a problem for Bones as it would or could have been for any other less established show.  It’s pretty much in Smallville territory now.  Do what you will, people will still keep watching.



~ by doublebitch on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “Bone Delay”

  1. You are not the only one reminded of Angel in a submarine, but if you are talking about the episode where the Gravedigger returned and was captured, you’re not talking about a finale. There are twelve more episodes to that (fourth) season.

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