Early Summer Round-up

With less than two weeks to go to Leverage and a bunch of our summer shows back up and running it’s fair to say the summer season is in full swing.  I thought I’d update you with a collection of thoughts on the shows I’m watching instead of rambling on about each one enough to make a whole post.royal-pains-20090508105014371_640w

My first and maybe only new show of my summer watching season is Royal Pains.  I talked about the pilot a couple weeks back but I’m back to air my grievances.  My big problem with Royal Pains is that the plot changed.  I wish I could find you a clip of the first few minutes and intro of the second episode but I was just short of appalled.  The entire premise that pulled me in was that Hank didn’t want to be working for the rich, he wanted to do good but the intro made him sound like he was pretty damn pleased with his new set up.  If there’s no conflict there, it’s just ER on wheels for rich people.  That doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Not to mention the title and credits are some of the worst I’ve seen in years.  They’re worse than Dollhouse. (eg, rising from the bottom of a pool arms out like Jesus come to save the Hamptons)  Srsly.

True Blood really had me last week but this week’s episode has driven off the tracks for me again.  WTF happened?  I was starting to like Tara and now she’s emo again.  What happened to Sam?  Why is he nice now?  I get that Sookie is a sexual character but could somebody give Paquin a sandwich?  She makes me feel awkward and is by far my least favorite character.  I don’t care about the main relationship anymore.  For all the people that draw the parallels to twilight, and they’re definitely there, this is where Twilight succeeded and True Blood is failing.  I’m excited to see what happens with Jessica and her new boyfriend.

alg_raising_barLastly Raising the Bar is doing a good job of posing questions each week that actually make me stop and consider which side of the fence I’m on.  Sometimes I agree with the verdict, sometimes I don’t but this weeks lack of conclusion was both fitting and troublesome.  I was left to ask will they bring this story back?  I think the way they’ve set it up they almost have to.  The question is when and how will it be treated.  I think they really run the risk of being monotonous if we have to sit thought the same trial again.  I’d like to see quick flashes and the final verdict but not until quite late in the season if not the finale.  It would be a good way to wrap the season up into itself.  That said I could easily forget that this story ever happened after a few weeks.  I’m interested to see what they do.

Alright that’s my round-up!  Only two more weeks till we’ll be able to get digging back into Leverage and from whats going around I’m only getting more and more excited for this season.  That said, let me know what summer season shows I’m missing and I’ll try to catch up.



~ by doublebitch on July 2, 2009.

One Response to “Early Summer Round-up”

  1. I liked the third ep of TB more than you, I’m really liking Jason’s story, the half-bull, half-kimono dragon, half-man (all cop!) has me intrigued, and I honestly haven’t cared about Bill/Sookie for the majority of the series anyway.

    Jessica and Hoyt is probably the best couple ever, too.

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