DB Pet Peeve – Episode 2

It’s time for another rant and this is one I feel we run into all too often.  As fans of a show we can be pretty demanding but I don’t feel that it’s out of line to ask for a new photo shoot of promo pictures for a show ONCE a year.  One time per year.  I know it’s hard to get everyone together but half of the promo images end up badly photoshopped together anyway.

Smallville is a long time offender on this front.  I’m assuming because it’s next to impossible to get former model Tom Welling into a photo shoot but there have been years where the same photo is used on the promo and the dvd art, with slight color changes to wardrobe.  Season 7 features Welling in a shirt he’s never even had on. This year’s promo sinks to a new low, badly superimposing his body from one year on a head from another season.  If you look back carefully, Durance’s head isnt even on the right body.  I hope she was highly offended by that.   I guess this all just fits in with Rosenbaums Teen Choice nomination.leverage bkg

Smallvile is far from the only offender.  I’m disappointed to report that the promotional photos for Leverage aren’t new either.  I’ve really been hoping to see new photos but as we creep towards the second season’s premier we’re being given new manipulations of old photos.  While I enjoy the ‘artsy’ factor to this photo its not really doing it for me.  The show, to devoted watchers has evolved past these labels.  I also like how they carefully made Kane taller than Gina Bellman but theres still something else off on the proportions.  I’m very impressed with the way the Leverage crew goes out of their way to interact with their fans so I’ll try to give them some extra slack on things.

Just a quick reminder, the dvd comes out on the 14th and the new season starts on the 15th.   Smallville will return Friday nights in late September.



~ by doublebitch on July 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “DB Pet Peeve – Episode 2”

  1. To be fair, it’s not like Leverage had nearly as long between the two seasons as most shows. I’m expecting to see some new promos for the second half of season two.

  2. okay, I’ll give you/them that one. But my question is why do this? why manip your actors to shit. You pay beautiful people to be beautiful then you pay some intern to do this to them…

  3. Well the Leverage one is cool. The Smallville… it’s Smallville, come on.

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