What Time Is It? Heroes-Rant O'Clock!

So I just came across this bit of Heroes news for season four. To wit: Claire’s gonna be a little gay with her college roommate, more gay if the fans like it.

claire gayLet’s start with the second part, with more if the fans go for it. Apparently Kring and company didn’t learn from their sucky-ass third volume to not always listen to the fans. Sure, being aware of your audience and crafting your show to appeal to them is part of the job of showrunning, but don’t try and do everything the fans want you to do! For one thing, sucky-ass, and for another the fans often don’t actually want what they want to happen to happen. We want to watch things play out how you’ve planned them, while wishing they went the way we wanted. And we’ll praise some things and bitch about others. It’s how we do. I really don’t understand how you aren’t getting this, maybe you should talk to other showrunners or something, learn from your peers. Why am I writing this as if Kring is reading it?

Anyway, on to the gay part of this rant. I actually don’t mind this. Has there been any remote indication of Claire being less than completely straight? Unless you count holding hands with a power-malfunctioning KBell on a plane (and I know some of you do), then nope, nuthin’. But on the other hand Claire’s relationships are always super-lame and go nowhere. There was West in season two, who… I don’t know, no explanation of what the hell happened to him post-s2 was ever given. Then there was… Comic Store Gill Guy, I don’t even remember his name, who lasted for about 4 episodes and I can guarantee we won’t see again. I’m willing to bet Madeline Zima will just be more of the same.

I have a theory that all of Claire’s relationships aren’t sexual or romantic, they stem completely from the show needing to have her onscreen and having no idea what to do, so they just throw in a person for her to kiss until the next time Sylar shows up or she disobeys HRG or whatever. So the next plot device relationship being a girl? Sure, I guess. I mean the only meaningful relationship Claire’s had on the show was with her gay/un-gay best friend John Connor in season one. Maybe what they need to do is give her a friend again. Or kill her off.

Besides, everyone knows Heroes gay couples are Parkman/Mohinder and Nathan/Hiro.



~ by Jerk on July 6, 2009.

One Response to “What Time Is It? Heroes-Rant O'Clock!”

  1. while we’re at lame cliches hereos is using to ‘do better’ this season lets talk about grunnys new buddy cop friend. wtf

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