Random Question #9

It’s been a while since wa had one of these (I mean a Random Question, not a post. Shhhhh), so I figured I’d take this idea for postness that’s been brewing in my head for a while and change it into an audience participation-type dealie.

Do you have a show where you know and follow the writers as well as you know and follow the actors?

What I mean here isn’t the standard writerly knowledge that we as fans have, where we’re a bit OCD with the facts and statistics and know the names of several writers for a show off the top of our head, and can possibly name some episodes that they worked on. No, what I’m talking about is when you get such a feel for the writer’s voices that you can tell who wrote the episode you’re watching (if you managed to miss the writing credit at the start, and haven’t already gleaned such knowledge off of TV.com or some such site), when you get to have not just favourite episodes but favourite writers, and you get excited when a certain writer’s responsible for the week’s ep.

buffy writersI’ve had two* such shows, Buffy and Supernatural. It eventually got to the point with Buffy where I could tell by what relationships were the primary focus of an ep, or even by how the comedy bits played out, who had written it. I like many of them enough that their involvement has been a major factor in me watching a new show. It’s the same thing with SPN, I can tell when I’m watching an Edlund ep or a Gamble ep without having seen the credits.

Buffy was my first real foray into TV fandom, so I didn’t really find it all that strange or unique when this knowledge of writers’ styles developed. But as time’s passed and many of the shows I’ve loved dearly have failed to bring about this phenomenon, I’ve realized it’s a special event.

So has anyone else had this happen, and for what shows?

*I listed off Buffy because it was the origin of this for me, but the repetition of writers meant it carried across to Angel and Firefly too.



~ by Jerk on July 11, 2009.

One Response to “Random Question #9”

  1. I think scenes that Whedon has written himself stand out pretty clearly to me – I know I can tell reading a comic I wasn’t paying attention to that he’s written it and have to double check the cover cos I wasn’t expecting it.

    Edlund I could see, hands down, in Angel and in SPN. Adore him hardcore.

    With Leverage I can’t though, for as much as I’m literally following the actual writers. It’s got a smoother quality, but maybe on the rewatch (are the DVDs out yet? No? Why isn’t it next week?) it will become more evident…

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