*Funk music plays*

16242549So we all made sure we saw Leverage last night right?  of course.  I’m not really going to touch on the “Feeling” of the new season until I get a chance to see another episode or two but there was definitely a difference to be felt.  At this point I’m gonna go with it feeling pretty natural but lets leave it at that.

One thing I think they’ve done is give in a bit to what the fans want.  While sometimes this is a terrible thing it works here because I feel like what the fans want is what the writers and actors want.  I believe that they are all fans of the show as well and with that I think we can feel safe with the show in their hands.

What I did want to touch on here was that gross season one ad that got stuck in between  the first and second act.  What was that?!  One of the things I really enjoyed about Leverage Season 1 was how it was following along with the trend of not having an opening sequence.  I cant really comprehend what exactly it is that made them think they needed this.  The press and promotional material has done a pretty good job of letting us know who the actors are, not to mention the season one shots and the hitter, hacker, grifter, thief being drilled into our heads what 3 times this episode?  I just don’t think it’s necessary and I kinda hope it will disappear as the weeks progress.

-DoubleBitch (yes I’m still alive)


~ by doublebitch on July 16, 2009.

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