Warehouse 13: A Couple Hours In

I’ve now seen both the two-hour pilot and the second (third?) episode of Sci–er, SyFy’s new series Warehouse 13. The show seems to be very much the result if you took Fringe, removed the focus on math and science to explain the phenomena, and instead gave the team a variety of awesome tools to capture and possibly subdue  various devices and artifacts that they’ll run across, with a large helping of comedy thrown in.

warehouse 001Now this is a cool premise for the show, but it’s those tools I mentioned that really interest me. The Warehouse 13 crew has a variety of steampunk-y resources at their command, from the ‘created-just-after-the-television’ communication devices to Nikola Tesla’s nonlethal elecro gun. The style and design of these creations is one I’ve long admired, and one that results in some truly amazing props.

Unfortunately, steampunk contraptions are rarely the purview of quality TV, despite their ability to combine technological fetishism with americana. And based on the pilot, Warehouse 13 seems to be a quality show.

warehouse 002This is why I was expecially happy when more steampunk (or more accurately, neo-modern) technology was introduced in the form of Artie’s computer, with it’s keyboard reminiscent of a very old typewriter. I can only hope that they’ll continue to fill the show with awesome gadgets as the series progresses.

Though honestly, those communicator systems are really cool enough to curb my steampunk interests all by themselves. Those without my love for crazy props may not be as big fans of the new series as I am.



~ by Jerk on July 19, 2009.

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