Bit of a Rant on True Blood and Episode Endings

I’m quite enjoying the new season of True Blood, but there’s one tiny aspect that’s changed for the worse. The first season had really awesome cliffhangers on every single episode, as well as a really cool stylistic thing where the next episode would pick up at the exact second where the previous episode ended, continuing that scene. Both of these staples of the first season have changed.

true blood s2 006The second season started out following this pattern with the season premiere picking up right where the first season finale ended (the one time I wouldn’t have minded if there wasn’t such a direct continuation), and the end of the first ep led into the second ep. It’s after this point that things changed. Episode three started with the same characters from the final scene of 202, but picked up a little later with a new scene. 203-204 and 204-205 both completely broke the old pattern, with the new episodes opening with completely different sets of characters. Saying as they’ll get back to those episode-ending scenes eventually, I don’t see why they don’t just put them at the start of the episode to keep that little True Blood signature style going on.

Now about the cliffhangers. Season two’s episodes to date haven’t really ended on cliffhangers (although I’d say 202’s ‘what’s Bill going to do to Jessica’s family’ one counts), instead ending on revelations such as Daphne’s Maryann scar and Psychic Bellhop. This I don’t mind so much, because this season has a severe lack of serial killer body count to help power those cliffhangers.

So in conclusion: lack of cliffhangers okay given the storyline, stylistic change lame.



~ by Jerk on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “Bit of a Rant on True Blood and Episode Endings”

  1. You have to love the cliffhanger of the most recent episode. Silver suicide bomber! My inkling is that Godrick can break his hand off before he can click the bomb.

    On a side note, did you ever have to read the “Chrysalids” in high school. When Sookie communicates to Barry over a distance it reminded me of telepathics in the book. It’s an inversion of what we thought she can do. If it worked with Barry, she should be able to broadcast to other telepathics to meet up.

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