Whats in a voice?

futurama_20080722I ran across a hollywood reporter article this morning that announced the recasting of the voice actors on Futurama for financial reasons.  My first thought was ‘Wow, Futurama’s still in production?’ but after that settled I have to question why continue to produce a show if you’re going to replace something as central as ALL of the voice actors?

So I pose the question to you, our loyal and tv savvy readers: Is this the kiss of death? How integral is the authenticity of the voice actors to the quality of the show?

I think this is a really terrible move.  If there isn’t enough money to pay the voice actors then there isn’t enough money to make the show, flat out.  Characters are as much their voices as they are their images. I understand they were asking for ‘substantial’ raises, though who those comments are coming from are unknown and therefore questionable but it comes down to an essential service in my eyes.  Negotiate bitches.

Weigh in.  Anybody even still watching?



~ by doublebitch on July 21, 2009.

One Response to “Whats in a voice?”

  1. Futurama was actually canceled long ago after getting the standard Fox Treatment. They recently made a few direct-to-DVD movies that did well enough that Fox decided to bring it back.

    So basically, Fox is killing it before they’ve even brought it back. Meanwhile Family Guy is up for a Best Comedy Series.

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