Regarding Apathy

I’ve been really enjoying Warehouse 13 so far (not Party Down or Leverage enjoying, but let’s say Raising the Bar enjoying. For keeping track of on your Jerk-Like-O-Meter. Shut up.), and this week’s episode continued that trend (yay for gropey Ivan Sergei! Mac Ramsey FTW) but there was one bit I wasn’t really buying.

warehouse 003With the running plot thread of someone trying to hack into Warehouse 13, you’d think Artie would be a little more concerned when he found out the strange power fluctuations were the hacker basically pinging the Warehouse via the electrical grid. Up to that point he’d been running around trying to fix things, but then he just kind of gave up and decided it wasn’t important. He also seemed shocked (shocked!) at the end when the hacker found them.

It’s a little complaint, but honestly who’s response to ‘hacker in the electrical system’ is to have a mellow discussion followed by a cookie and a nap?

I’m just assuming Artie did those last two things.



~ by Jerk on July 23, 2009.

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