Holy Crap Tom Welling: A SDCC Post

I figured we couldn’t let SDCC go past without postness, so here are some random thoughts on the Smallville, 24 and Supernatural panels from the show. I haven’t sought out any other television related con reports/videos yet, as I’ve been focusing on the comic stuff. *shines DB signal*

So the first thing I’ll mention is the fan questions. At every panel ever, someone always manages to make it to the mic who apparently never bothers to search the Intarwebs for interviews and stuff, and asks something that’s been answered fourty-eight sdcc venture cosplaytimes already. So I’ve come to expect that, it doesn’t bother me. So realize I’m discounting this when I say that the questions asked at the Smallville panel were terrible. I was hoping we’d get some good ones, what with Welling actually promoting the show and all. The clip they showed was pretty awesome, but not all that much interesting at the panel itself, other than Geoff Johns writing a Justice Society ep, but he’d already said if they had another season he’d love to write for them again, so no shock there.

The 24 panel was also all about the season 8 clip (which I’ve only found a transcript of so far), with little in the way of revelations in the panel. But with 24, I prefer to not know much about what’s happening, so that’s good. The clip was fairly tame but Kiefer did promise “We still blow lots of shit up.” so that’s good. I actually prefer when 24 starts off slowly, as opposed to what we got with Day 6. Oh, and I’m liking the mystery they’re keeping up around the new head of CTU.

The Supernatural panel was the best of the three, and it was actually kinda nice to not having Jensen and Jared for a change. It was quite screamy, but that’s to be expected. The questions were overall really good, and we got some great answers too. It’s cool that this season will be far more lighthearted than season four, and I’m really glad that they’re bringing back pretty much everyone who isn’t dead (and of course several who are) as they wrap up the SPN story (or at least, the first book of it).



~ by Jerk on July 27, 2009.

One Response to “Holy Crap Tom Welling: A SDCC Post”

  1. I was impressed with the videos shown at the panels. I beat my head against a wall at the questions asked at smallville. How welling ended up answering a question about his audition process from TEN EFFIN YEARS AGO I have no idea. It’s one of the three stories we actually know about the man. GRRR. Also, it was nice to see he read our article and demanded the co-producer title.

    I bet he’s the one who searches for Tom Welling smoking a pipe and Tom Weling’s underwear all the time too.

    SPN, while they were helpful I didnt honestly understand a lot of what they said, but maybe thats a good thing. It lets me not really know what we’re coming into and I’m okay with that. It’s also fun to watch kripke backpedal the season 5 thing but still keep his respect for the show. The clip was stellar and the gagreel looks good as alwasy.

    I heard lame things about the Heroes panel but it looks like they’re just saying stuff we already knew and showing clips that dont make sense.

    I also heard that JJ skipped out on the Fringe panel to be at Grunny’s son Jakes Bar Mitzva

    Still can’t believe welling showed.

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