The First D(a)V(i)D Job

Okay, that was about as lame as I could possibly be right there in the title so from here on out’s gotta be pretty great huh?  Yep.  Go with it.

I finally received my Leverage Season 1 DVDs in the mail, according to my twitter on the 26th.  I marthoned the season worth of commentary while stopping to hit up a few that I had somehow managed to not watch at least 3 times already. Can I just say that I’m really happy to finally have this on DVD, great quality whenever I want to watch it is a great thing.  This may very well end up being one of those seasons I pick up an extra copy of to lend out because I don’t think I’m going to be willing to part with this any time soon. (Sorry Jerk.)

I’m not going to go through and spoil things for anyone because I want you all to check this stuff out on your own but I will go into a few things.  First off I have no idea what the swiss army knife image that shows up on all discs is supposed to be.  I’ve seen it before but yeah… Then the way the insert is written, one kinda expects all the deleted scenes to be on the final disc.  I actually like that they’re on each one but it did send me on a bit of a wild goose chase till I realized I was stupid and should just learn to read.  Everyone’s commented on the case.  It’s alright.  I understand it was a short season.  Maybe we can hope for more when we get a more substantial episode order.

*It should be noted that Jerk and I got in a fight when I asked him to find me a sexy picture of John Rogers because he was too busy watching Leverage.

*It should be noted that Jerk and I got in a fight when I asked him to find me a sexy picture of John Rogers because he was too busy watching Leverage.

I will say that this DVD package did something for me that no Season on DVD has done for me before.  It made me watch the show in a completely different way.  Having such key players do the commentary on EVERY FRICKEN EPISODE was an invaluable resource, even if Rogers had to have been fully tanked by the end.  Personally I was so glad to have him on every episode.  He’s funny, smart and gosh darn good looking.  This is a man that I WILL be watching carefully in the future.  Hell I’ve even put the Global Frequency comics on my ‘to buy’ list for FanExpo this year from like a 2 min clip I saw of his pilot.  I’m aware of how skewed that is.  FanBitch initiate!

Back to what I was saying, most of all it was seeing how much thought, love and respect goes into these episodes.  I now see the camera work on a deeper level and watch more closely for scenes that mirror or oppose scenes from other episodes in a way that I never would in other television shows.

It’s so refreshing to find that everyone involved loves what they’re doing as much as we love what they’re doing too.  There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a show that’s being made for the sake of being made.  In this industry you have to wonder how those can exist but they do.

So verdict is, completely predictable if you’ve ever been to the blog before, run and go buy Leverage Season 1 on DVD or pick it up from  If you’re a standing fan or a new one you’re going to watch in a new way and never regret the cash you put into this.



~ by doublebitch on July 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “The First D(a)V(i)D Job”

  1. Sure, you can’t lend them to me for a week or so when I let you keep the first two seasons of BSG for like 8 months until you realized hey this is the best thing ever and maybe I should watch it.

  2. I was kidding you ass. You’ll get them the next time we get together.

  3. also, I wasnt watching BSG because Rob said it was awesome and that’s kinda my thing.

  4. But… I said it was awesome! That should counter.

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