Defying Gravitational Odds

475_livingston_090730When I heard there would be a new show by the Grey’s people, in space.. with that guy from Office Space I cant say I was jumping for joy but I gave the first two episodes a shot this week anyway.  Defying Gravity makes me a little sad, a little mad and maybe has me hooked.

First off we’ve got people on some huge 6 year space mission which scares me a little that potentially no matter what they do they’ll see 6 seasons.  I like that the characters have all been given history together and we’re let in on a lot of it right off the bat.  There’s an excessive talk about babies for my liking but I’ll go with it.   So it’s kinda sexy people in space full of sexual tension and drama and space panic.  One thing space shows do better than anything else is instill fear among the viewers.  I think it’s the unknown but put someone in space with a dropping pressure suit or saying they might crash into something and I’m with you.  I’m on the edge of my seat.  Me and space have a love hate thing going like that.  Gets me every time.

I guess the biggest potential for lameness here is found in the thing they’re calling “Beta” “It” or whatever is in “pod 4” oooohh not pod 4!  It’s basically this all knowing thing that is somehow making all the big choices.  It’s a bit like the hybrid on BSG that’s my guess.  But they’re trying to play it up.  This could be something cool or it could be the thing that makes this show go from believable to a standard sci-fi thing that somehow got onto primetime.

Maybe that’s what’s bothering me.  THIS makes it on primetime?  THIS makes it on ABC..  grumble grumble insert BSG Fangirl rant here.  I understand the only thing the two have in common is that it’s a space show but that’s the only reason anyone’s tuning in to begin with unless you’re a big fan of the zombie dad from Reaper, cause he’s pretty great.

This is the kinda show that sticks with you, you go away wondering about the characters and how all this is going to work out.  Maybe I’m just a sci-fi girl looking for something to fill the space void in my life but I think I’ll be kicking around for a while to see where this goes.

One tiny little issue, is it just me or does Zoe look about ready to be a grandma?  I’m all for unconventional beauty in the forefront of a show but there’s something about the casting of a few main characters that has me kinda iffy.



~ by doublebitch on August 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Defying Gravitational Odds”

  1. I’m gonna have to disagree. I thought it was awful, and the ratings didn’t impress either.

    It’s definitely no Grey’s Anatomy. Hell, it isn’t Private Practice. ABC should learn they can’t catch lightning in a bottle twice.

    Defying Gravity won’t get passed a season.

  2. It’s not Grey’s but I’m not sure Grey’s is something to aspire to anymore either.

    Considering it’s on ABC I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right and I sure hope they dont think they’re going to keep it going for very long. I can see these stories getting trite quite quickly but I do think it has the potential to grow into something more.

  3. A grandma? She must have aged a lot since The Faculty and the second season of 24. She’s like 30.

    I agree with the edge of your seat thing re: space, but it isn’t fear for me, it’s awe. Space = WINNNN

  4. Folks who need their SF scientifically plausible, deeply socially relevant, and serious as a heart attack are best grabbing the BSG boxed set or something. But DG is shaping up to be an most flawed and occasionally annoying gem that I hope turns into some delicious guilty pleasure. Some people don’t like cheese. As one seeking escape, not realism, in my TV, I think I will just eat this one up.

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