JDB's List-O-Shocking-Deaths, pt I

omgThere’s not that much in the way of showness news popping up, and coming up with postness for older series we’re watching can be difficult, so to break up the monotomy of posts on the same half-dozen shows this summer, we decided some lists were in order.

So here’s the first of our looks at what we consider to be truly shocking deaths. Maybe we were shocked by the suddenness of it, the impact their death will have on the show, or maybe we saw it coming but loved that character and how could they kill them, dammit!?!?! We decided to do multiple entries in this list showing all of the deaths on TV that have really shocked us, instead of trying to figure out which were the most shocking. So, join us after the jump for the first five entries on the list!

death 001First up we have what’s always my go-to example of a shocking death (well, in TV at least. This list would be INSANE for the comics I’ve read): Tara Maclay on BTVS. This one was made worse by my head being crazy. See, for some reason this year I got really worried that Tara on Buffy and Lorne on Angel were going to die, because they’d both been on for multiple seasons and still weren’t in the credits. So I made sure to pay attention to the credits of both shows every week. And finally Tara was in the credits! Boy was I relieved. 50 minutes later, not so much. And yes, at that time I knew all about how Joss had wanted Jesse in the credits when the show began. I still didn’t see it coming. (Yeah, that’s not her. Willow splattered in Tara’s blood is the image I keep from her death)

death 002Next up is Victor Henricksen on Supernatural. By the third season, we were used to everyone on the show dying eventually, so in that respect seeing Henricksen get demon-nuked by Lilith wasn’t shocking. But they’d just spent the episode indoctrinating him to the boys’ world, and I was really looking forward to him showing up sometime in season four to help them out as a full-fledged Hunter. It was all the potential for future awesomeness that Henricksen had gained during that ep that made his death at the end such a shock. He was going places, dammit!

death 003Third we’ve got Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace from BSG. Now I should probably mention that by this point in the series, I wasn’t exactly a huge Starbuck fan. In fact were you to make a chart of SA/t (that’s Starbuck Approval over time), you’d find a pretty constant decline over the course of the show. That said, she was one of the handful of ‘main’ characters on a show with a massive ensemble cast and a stated shelf life of just one more season, which made her just about as safe as a character can be.

death 004Next up, Elle Bishop on Heroes. This one’s a little weird. It wasn’t really shocking when she died, so much as it was random and really confusing. In fact, everyone I talked to just assumed it was some lame cliffhanger and when the next week’s episode rolled around she’d be very much not dead. Well the next ep came, and instead of the assumed rebirth we got Sylar setting her crotch on fire (unfortunately not a euphemism). Elle’s death was shocking in that it was really dumb. It made no sense and didn’t even remotely serve the plot. Man, Volume 3 was bad!

death 005The final death in our first entry belongs to Stringer Bell on The Wire. This is a really recent entry, as I just finished the third season two days ago. The other deaths on this list have been unexpected, but you knew String was going to die. You knew several episodes before it happened. But before he dies, you have to watch as his attempts to become a legitimate businessman begin to fall apart, as he struggles with the decision to inform on his best friend to try and save their business. Then he dies, and one of the greatest characters on the show is gone. It’ll be interesting to see what The Wire is like without Stringer Bell.



~ by Jerk on August 4, 2009.

One Response to “JDB's List-O-Shocking-Deaths, pt I”

  1. Ahh another death on The Wire got me…you’ll wait til the last season for that one. Stringer, you’re right, it wasn’t a surprise exactly but it did hurt quite a bit. I was fascinated by him and he was very very good looking so I was not happy with his demise.

    Ya’ll know how I felt about the Elle death, I was in major denial that week but sure nuff, crotch fire. That was a stupid death decision if ever there were one.

    Henrickson! I found his death surprising and one of SPN’s rare missteps. I would have loved to have had him become a hunter. Glad we got to see a quick ghost version of him last season but it’s not the same.

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