JDB Actor Surprise: Andrew Airlie

Today I set out to continue a JDB tradition and start a new one.  While JDB Actor Bingo was a brilliant idea, it kinda fell apart on us.  Maybe it just wasn’t meant for this format but from it has sprung a new way for us to share awesome information with you guys that you might not be getting anywhere else.  In my last post I mentioned the Zombie Dad from Reaper.   He really stuck with me and today we’re going to learn more.

airlieAndrew Airlie was born in EFFING SCOTLAND.  Would you have guessed that?  Me either.  Honestly, in his latest role I thought he was actually James Cameron for a few minutes there.  Despite his homeland he is considered a Canadian actor and his credits certainly reflect that as he pops up in almost every major show filmed in Vancouver.  The X-files, Smallville, Supernatural, E:FC, The L Word, the 4400 and of course our beloved Reaper.   He’s now staring as the man in charge on ABC’s Defying Gravity which is apparently more Canadian than I thought.  Filming in Vancouver, making use of many of BSG’s crew members, being produced by the Canadian Omni giant and featuring 10 out of 14 Canadian leads.  Interesting.

There’s not a whole lot out there on this guy but apparently you can friend him on Facebook!

It’s been bugging me all week, trying to figure out where I know him from but I’ve finally done it!  For a while I thought he was on Titanic or something but I was just picturing him captaining a ship! Which he did! but with much better results.  Andrew played Captain Ballard and Max’s father on Breaker High!  Woo! I feel so much better now.

Until Next Time,

p.s. Feel Free to leave us suggestions or any of your ‘where do I know that guy from’ moments and we’ll see what we can dig up.


~ by doublebitch on August 6, 2009.

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