The Second Season Job

We’re now a third of the way through the second season of Leverage, seems like we’re due for some postness on the subject.

One of the reasons why we haven’t said much about the season is honestly, we’ve been a bit disappointed. While its been by no means bad, this season hasn’t been as amazing as the first (though I’d say 203 was very close to the first season’s quality). I’m hoping with 205 is where the second season hit its stride, because finally we got an episode that rivaled those of the first season.

afro hardisonI’ve got a theory about the drop in quality this season has had to date: on one hand the show’s early return meant the writer’s had less time to spend crafting this season than is normal. Add to this the fact that running thread for the second season of the gang making mistakes and screwing up which contrasts with what fans had come to expect from the show, and I can see why it took a bit for the fans and the writers to see the second season in the same light.

Back to the most recent ep, The Three Days of the Hunter Job. Along with being very sharp, letting the cast change things up a bit, and just generally rocking, this episode also ended really well. Leverage has often had a problem with odd endings, like Dean Deviln’s credit hits the screen either too early or to late during that final scene. I’ve found the second season has been even worse for this than the first, but 205 ended with a really nice moment between Nate and Sophie (who was far, far better this week. With episode 204 I found myself starting to really dislike Sophie, but now I’m feeling better about her). This scene carried on exactly long enough, and gave some great characterization for both of them.

Of course the show had to hit its stride with just two more episodes before the big mid-season break…



~ by Jerk on August 15, 2009.

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