Summer Temps Hit an All Time Low

I was just spending some quality time with my remote last night, trying to fill the time between Dog the Bounty Hunter, Royal Pains and Defying Gravity when I was stuck with an hour of horror.   My options stood at an alarming amount of bad reality tv and bad game shows.  Yes, it was Sunday, in the summer but out of all the shows ever made and currently on the market I was stuck choosing between Big Brother or Hole in the Wall.

holeinthewall_mediumI refuse to get caught up in the knots of crap like Big Brother.  I’m not bashing the people who do, but it’s not my idea of entertainment.  There is so much quality scripted television that I need to be keeping up with that I can’t commit to something like that.  It’s not to say I don’t watch some reality TV.  I love ANTM and Hells Kitchen, and I would give anything for a return of Kid Nation but full grown adults with no talents trying to out wit each other?  No thanks.

This leaves me with one of the latest American trends, copying Japanese game shows.  I’ve tuned in to a few but this is … there are no words.  I just can’t believe this is on television.  “Hole in the Wall”  is a game show where two teams of three compete to see who can stay standing on a platform while a foam wall consisting of different shapes comes at them without pushing them into the pool or breaking the wall.  The climax of the show came when the wall came twice as fast at them!  Lightening round! or when they blindfolded a girl and she had to just kinda guess.

I am ashamed this program held my attention for as long as it did.  I know people aren’t supposed to be watching in the summer but this is depressing, even for FOX.



~ by doublebitch on August 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Summer Temps Hit an All Time Low”

  1. I’m guessing you finished Alias season two then.

  2. yes, yes i did.

  3. Don’t worry; we won’t tell anyone about your watching ‘Hole in the Wall’.

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