Looking Foward: Supernatural S5

grabbyhands1As the summer season starts to wind down and September is quickly approaching it’s time to take a look at some of the rumors that are floating around the interwebs.  First in our series of posts looking forward is Supernatural’s Season 5.

You should be warned that spoilers ooze from here on out.  That said most of our hints are coming in the form of casting calls or info.

We all collectivly gasped and grumbled about the news that Paris Hilton will be making an appearance on the show.  Even Danneel Harris hoped she’d play the gum on the bottom of the boy’s shoes during a walk and talk.  Ouch! But considering the last time she mingled with the J2 camp she broke up a marriage, I think the comment was warranted.

News that both Jess and Ellen will be returning is good to hear though I’d give anything for some Jo instead or maybe even Cassie.  Maybe if we see this season 6 people cant quit talking about we can think about that happening.

The latest story circulating is about a boy who will appear for multiple episodes as a tooth fairy.  I have to admit I think this idea is not only great but adorable!  I can’t wait to see how this plays out.  Not to mention I have yet to see a child cast on Supernatural who wasn’t A) a great little actor and  B) really damn cute.  Speaking of, let’s add mini Sam to that list of people we NEED to see again.

As for the overall arc of the season, I was much more worried about it when I thought they were actually going to kill both of them at the end of it.  I think everyone across the board has stated thats the only way the story could end and as previously scheduled it was to end this season.  Now I don’t see that happening.  But like Jim Beaver said at Comic Con, where do you go from here?  Apocalypse 2?  From what I’ve heard and we’ve seen, the brothers are turning back towards their relationship but with things on a much larger scale we’ll have to see what form that takes.

Sam and Dean Winchester return Thursday September 10th at 9 pm on the CW


~ by doublebitch on August 19, 2009.

9 Responses to “Looking Foward: Supernatural S5”

  1. Jo is coming back, preeeeetty sure that was mentioned during the SDCC panel.

    Also, I’m hoping Paris Hilton’s appearance will be as painless as it was in VMars.

  2. I thought that was Jessica they said. I was all upset there wouldnt be jo…

    I trust the Krip and I think he’ll be good enough to make fun of her in the process

  3. You guys are branching out on me! Of course I had to come see your new site. It’s awesome, naturally.

    Jess is coming back? I thought he died in the fire at the bar? Did Ellen fake his death? The heck I say? That’s okay, he was awesome. Good news all around, except on the Paris front. Jerk, maybe her VM appearance was painless to you but seeing her wrapped around my Logan was vomit inducing, I’m just saying. If she touches Dean, I will not be responsible for my actions!

    Still really looking forward to the new season. I’ve missed my Winchesters.

  4. I think you’re thinking about Ash. Im pretty sure he’s dead.

    You and Danneel both. I’m with you though.

    I’ve missed your winchesters too

  5. I’m like 90% certain Jess and Jo are back.

  6. I missed the Winchester and I missed all you guys, too. Can’t wait to start off the heated discussions all over again.

    Ah, the joys of the Internet.

  7. Btw, what’s with: “But considering the last time she mingled with the J2 camp she broke up a marriage, I think the comment was warranted.”????

  8. well, from the lore, she and Chad Michael Murray had a fling while he was married to Sophia who is close friends with Danneel. (this was filming House of Wax which Jared was also in) Subsequently the two divorced.

  9. Really! I didn’t know that. Thank for enlightening me
    -sits back and looks forward to on screen and off screen drama-

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