Raising the Bar's Summer Season Winds to an End

I went looking for a RtB picture but who can resist Mormon propaganda?

Raising the Bar is one of my staple summer shows for the second year in a row.  It often gets overshadowed by the awesomeness that are bigger shows like TNT’s own Leverage or True Blood, even Defying Gravity’s got me a little more riled up but it shouldn’t be forgotten or buried.  There’s something to be said for a solid show week in and week out.

I’ll admit I wasn’t pleased when Dr Douchebag of the Year was found swinging from the rafters as I felt it was not only too easy but unnecessary.  That considered the show has really held it’s own across the board.  It’s no longer the Jerry Kellerman and Friends show.  They’ve finally taken the time to really flesh out the other characters in the ensemble cast and can always be counted on for some great guest stars.  Like this past week’s WB special staring the only interesting part of the last season of OTH, that kid Q they murdered so they could make the baby cry and the girl that played Andy on Dawson’s Creek.  A full slew of your favorite characters now defunct from other shows like Brea Grant and that creepy Puppet Master guy from Heroes.  I’m also happy to see Autumn Reeser joining the ranks of the PD’s office.  I’ve loved her since Complete Savages and The OC.autumn-reeser-photo

Back to Jerry for a moment there was a quote two weeks back that really hit home with me.  Charlie was yelling at Jerry and said “What you don’t know about people could fill a room”.  I love the truths this show is willing to throw out there, even about their main character.  The man who’s supposed to save the day, the one you’re always rooting for is so blinded by his own vision of the world he rarely sees what’s going on anywhere else.  It was nice to see that pointed out even if Jerry let it slide off his shoulders.

Next week marks the Summer Finale of Raising the bar and yet again I feel like they’re going to leave us without any solid ground to stand on during the break.  It’s important to leave the big cliffhanger but it’s also important to have some sense of accomplishment.  A broken season should be treated as an important marking point and with this show, I don’t know what it’s going to be.  We saw our two favorites, Jerry and Bobbi getting back together and reclaiming their functionally dysfunctional title this week, something I might have saved for next week.

I can’t speak for where this is going to go and as much as I enjoy the show every week, they’ve taught me not to expect much in the form of a finale.  Please prove me wrong.


*I went looking for a RtB picture but who can resist Mormon propaganda?


~ by doublebitch on August 21, 2009.

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