Hells Kitchen's Big Loss

3417422181_b2310d71baLast night we saw the “Wild Card” of the season go home after acting like a giant child.  Last season I really liked Robert and honestly felt he was worthy of the almost top three that he got himself into.  I wouldn’t have expected him to take home the title but at least he was a worthy adversary.  Last season we saw him go home due to health reasons, those same issues plagued his return this season as well.

I am not surprised to see him go.  Last season he brought the funny, but he also brought decent cooking skills and motivation.  This season he lacked on almost every service that he actually attended and then either lazed around or yelled the rest of the time.  His fits were getting embarrassing and it was becoming clear that he was just trying to cover his shortcomings.

I’m not sad to see Robert go while I really felt like he had a decent shot in this race at the beginning.  Also last night we heard Chef Ramsay say that he thought Van was going to win the competition.  Personally, my bet is on Kevin or Sabrina at this point but Van is pretty strong too when he’s not going mental on the french actor playing head of house.

Who are your predictions for the last chef standing?



~ by doublebitch on August 26, 2009.

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