Thursday Three – when all else fails try alliteration

This morning I woke up to three exciting pieces of TV news.  Considering that was about 12 hours ago you’ve probably heard all of these by now from other sources and because we have never pretended to be a breaking news source or a news source at all we’re okay with that.  I’m merely here to point out how awesome they are.Brandon_Routh - 1 - Superman_Returns

The first two pieces of news are about guest stars.  During the upcoming season of Chuck, which we can expect to wait months and months for, we’ll be seeing Brandon Routh appear for a multi-episode arc as a fellow spy.  As if the geek factor of that show wasn’t high enough with Adam Baldwin, they needed to cast Superman.  I guess it wasn’t like he was busy doing anything else.  Again, if you’re not watching Chuck this extra long hiatus will leave lots of time for you to catch up.alexis_denisof_01

Casting announcement number two is the total slew of sci-fi and otherwise shining stars that will make appearances on season 2 of Dollhouse.  Today’s news was of Summer Glau and Alexis Denisof returning to the Whedonverse, this adding on top of the already announced BSG cast reunions of Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan.  It’s no secret that Joss is padding this show with friends and crowd favorites.  I’m also looking forward to JDB Bingo star Keith Carradine stopping by.

12-1Last but not least, after last night’s blockbuster of an episode, (seriously, it could have pulled a movie) TNT announced Leverage’s renewal for a 3rd season!  Again, I’m a little bummed to hear it’s only the 15 episodes and that they plan to do the summer/winter split yet again next year but I’m more than happy to see the show return.   I’ll also take a second to mention how great the show’s been since it really picked up it’s pace this season.  It took a few decent episodes to get to the good ones which is totally understandable considering the time restraints they experienced.  I’m hoping their renewal will allow them time to sharpen up the team again and maybe let Hardison get some respect.

We’ll be attending FanExpo in Toronto this weekend and hopefully come back with some exciting news if not some good pictures.  If you’re going to be attending we’ll be joining the Televixen and a few others for drinks on Saturday night.  Get in touch with us if you’d like the details.



~ by doublebitch on August 27, 2009.

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