I Love it When a Really Bad Plan Comes Together

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Fan Expo lack of postness to bring you something I wanted to mention from this week’s ep of True Blood: the plan Jason, Andy and Sam come up with on the fly to save Sam. This was possibly the funniest scene of the show to date for me (off the top of my head the only one that comes close is the scene where Lafayette makes Jason dance to Gay Pimp).

true blood s2 009To explain my love for this scene, I play D&D. One thing I love to do in D&D is come up with an absurd plan in order to deal with a situation, and then having it actually work despite logic dictating that it will fail spectacularly (an example: having my character turn himself in for a string of murders, just so he can knock a cop unconscious, summon an invisible helper, dress him in the cop’s uniform and have him march back to the cells and free my friends), and I have to say the plan they came up with on True Blood was exactly the kind of insane crap we’d pull in a D&D session. Hilarious and awesome, and I couldn’t let that episode go past without giving that scene a quick mention.



~ by Jerk on August 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “I Love it When a Really Bad Plan Comes Together”

  1. …Owl Lords?

  2. …Do you have an Owl Lord picture?

  3. I was re-watching this episode and I wasn’t sure if your quote was right the other day but you were “The Guy who comes” is genius.

  4. Yeah, I had to listen to it a couple times to be sure it was guy and not god.

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