Witness the Birth of the Tweet-peat

fringe twitterI just came across a really cool bit of news here: FOX is going to be airing repeats of Fringe and Glee with what basically amounts to interactive commentary tracks by having cast members and producers commenting on the episode live as it airs via Twitter. Even more, if you don’t want to follow a Twitter feed and the show at the same time, there’s apparently an on-screen scroll for the tweets.

This is really cool on a bunch of levels. First of all, FOX is doing something really unique and different with Twitter here, and I love it when technology is actually used well. Secondly this will get people to tune into the repeats, which will bring them up to speed/jog their memories of the end of Fringe’s first season and the Glee pilot, which should help get both shows more viewers once the new episodes begin to air. Third, how often do you get a chance to ask people questions about an episode of something while the ep in question is airing?

I’m really impressed with what FOX is doing here, and I hope we’ll be seeing more tweet-peats in the future.



~ by Jerk on August 31, 2009.

One Response to “Witness the Birth of the Tweet-peat”

  1. the people who will ‘tweet-peat’ glee are the people who I avoid on twitter.

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