Conflicting Leverage

That title doesn’t even make sense but as we’re entering our last week of new episodes of Leverage (*SOBS*), it’s a good time to take stock of where we’ve been.

2009+Turner+UpFront+i8JiZxFObbSlFirst, I wanna throw out some comments on something I probably don’t know anything about.  I’m sure there are a lot of rules out there and big corporate reasons for splitting the show up into two runs per year.  I supported the idea at first but then TNT changed the game plan.  They gave us more now and less later which is good now,  sure but I trust the creative team apparently more than the network does.  A huge part of the reason I watch Leverage is for/because of the creative team and if they write me a summer finale I trust that it’s intended to leave the show in a place where I could sit for 6 months on it.  The flavor of that last scene with Nate and Sophie at the end of Two-Live-Crew-Job would have meant more if it had been respected.

Tonight’s episode was stellar.  It was hot and fast and held more energy than I’ve felt in an episode of Leverage possibly ever.  It would have served itself well as a pickup back into the season.  (Note: we’re still seeing the stupid intro bit, blah!) TNT did the same kind of asshattery last season when they played with the airing order.  It’s not helpful for the fans, these changes do nothing but screw with the powers that be and their plan.

I’m grateful for the two extra episodes we’re getting now but I wonder how that will leave us for later.  Clearly the answer to the problem that TNT felt the need to fix would have been to order a couple more episodes.  Again, I dont know how hard or easy that would have been but it would have been more respectful to the process.  Not to mention we’ve seen them turn around and order the same number of episodes for next season.  Somebody keeps touching the electric fence, they’re not getting it.

This wasn’t even what I started out intending to write about but I think I’ll go with that.  Leverage fans, what do you think?



~ by doublebitch on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “Conflicting Leverage”

  1. I like the some what split schedule. The number of episodes would have compressed the time to watch. I would of course like to see more shows, but I’m not making the decisions, or spending the money.

    I don’t see money being the problem. The season 3 pickup should give the producers and directors more budget. I also think they got a good deal to film in Portland, we might see more from there.

    I like the time change because I watch Dark Blue right after. Their ratings will allow them to pick the best time, which for me is 9pm est.

    The show is great and with the current cast, still fresh. My hope is that they keep coming up with their unique scripts. I plan to continue watching and enjoying the show.

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