Jerk's Top TV Geeks I: An Explanation

I was recently talking about a dorky character on a show (who shall remain nameless for now, as he’ll be on the list) with my roommate, which eventually lead to the idea of making a list of my favourite dorky characters on TV. However, I decided to expand the list into all three Realms of Geekdom (according to me), so over the next couple days you’ll be getting my top five lists in the Dork, Geek and Nerd categories. This post here is to explain what I consider to be the differences between the groups.

nerd with bsgFirst up, the Geek. This is the category of geek (note the lowercase g, geek is my catch-all terminology) I place myself in. To me one of the main aspects of geekdom is the pursuit of knowledge relating to your areas of interest. Geeks will scour the ‘Net to find interviews, FAQs, whatever they can to learn more factoids and trivia about their favourite actors, shows, movies, comics, whatever. Geeks are the ones who will stay for the credits (I personally love looking for who the Negative Cutter in a movie is. Mo Henry is my favourite).

Next up, the Nerd. Nerds to me are the geeks who have a more mathy/sciencey leaning. Programmers, engineers, scientists and the like. It should be noted that being a scientist doesn’t make you a Nerd by my reckoning. If you constantly spout out pop culture references while Physicsizing, you are a Science Geek, not a Nerd. To be a true Nerd the Nerdy bits must outweigh the Geeky bits.

Finally, the Dork. Dorks can also be either Geeks or Nerds, what makes you a Dork is how you interact with society. Dorks have a noticeable disinterest in being (and often an inability to be) ‘cool’. A Dork won’t dress in any way fashionable, they’ll snork when laughing, they’ll make purposefully lame or obtuse jokes.

So there you have my definitions of the Paths of Geekery. It should be noted that most characters (and IRL geeks) are not 100% one of these categories, so whence my lists be up feel free to argue wether X geek truly belongs in the Dork list and not the Geek one, or what have you.



~ by Jerk on September 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Jerk's Top TV Geeks I: An Explanation”

  1. You should do a survey of you readers to see what percentage of each category follow you. For the record, I seem to be mostly a Geek, with certain bit of Nerdiness. I can be a Dork sometimes, too…

  2. God why did I use that picture, that guy freaks me out…

    Anyway, I like the idea, but our lack of commenters means you prolly account for about 50% of the survey.

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