Jerk's Top TV Geeks II: The Geek List

A quick note before we start: these lists aren’t in any particular order, they’re just the five people I felt best fit my Geek definition. It took long enough to whittle down these lists, actually figuring out who is geekier than who would have been a bit much, I think.

geek1-dwight1.) Dwight Schrute, The Office

Now some might argue that Dwight is a bit too much of a caricature to make the list, but I feel he’s sufficiently geeky to make it into my top five TV Geeks. He’s not always spouting pop culture references, but then again about 95% of the time we see Dwight he’s at work. And as I stated last post, knowledge and trivia about your interests is one of my defining Geek characteristics, and Dwight certainly has that in spades. Also, he owns nunchaku.

geek2-jonathan2.) Jonathan Levinson, BTVS

Jonathan, my favourite Buffy character, strangely made the list! I would have put him on this list for his presumed accomplishments in Superstar alone (like staring in The Matrix and creating the Internet), but having him as part of The Troika means that people who aren’t me are probably familiar with his Geekery as well.

geek3-213.) Henchman 21, Venture Bros

Now with this list I tried to make sure I was dealing with Geeky characters and not just Geeky writers. It can’t be denied that Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick are very Geeky, but I feel 21 stands out as a massive Geek in his own right. While every Venture Bros character makes a ton of pop culture references and quotes the Holy Trilogy, 21’s side business running an online comic book store and his ‘arsenal’ in the Cocoon (not to mention his cry of “It’s mint in box!”) make him a Top Five Geek.

geek4-hardison4.) Alec Hardison, Leverage

I figure Hardison is one of the entries on this list that people could argue over, because his computer expertise does make him a pretty big Nerd. But he even identifies himself as a Geek (okay, probably just a geek but still) in the show. He also missed a Job because he was playing WoW all night. Oh and drinking pop straight from the 2L? Hells yeah, fuck glasses!

geek5-sheldon5.) Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory

But surely Sheldon’s a Nerd, you say? I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s more Geek, despite the 2 PhDs. He’s pretty much never seen in anything but a Geeky t-shirt, has encyclopedic knowledge of comic books and plans his days around the watching of BSG and Doctor Who. Even when they’re on DVD.

So there you have it, the biggest Geeks on TV, according to one of their own. Tomorrow: Nerds!



~ by Jerk on September 7, 2009.

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