Jerk's Top TV Geeks III: The Nerd List

This was probably the easiest of the three lists to compile, as Nerds are the most prevalent form of geek on TV. Makes sense really, as Geeks require pop culture references which if done poorly would date your show badly, and TV normally tries for the glitz and glam, so true Dorks on television are quite quite rare. As with yesterday’s list, this is just my top five in no particular order.

nerd1-chloe1.) Chloe O’Brian, 24

Chloe’s strangely gruff way of talking to people and her general demeanor made me consider putting her on the Dork list, but she’s less Chloe-y and more normal when she’s talking with Jack. And there’s that whole ‘ one of the best hackers in the world’ thing, in the end her computer skillz are a far more important facet of her character than her personality quirks.

nerd2-marshall2.) Marshall Flinkman, Alias

Marshall is hands-down my favourite television Nerd. This is quite possibly related to the similarities between us, his speech patterns  seem like a very caffeinated me. Marshall makes the list for both his hacker skillz and his Q-aptitude for creating cool spy gadgets. He’s also quite unflappable when it comes to working with former enemies, returns from the dead, etc. Is this due to his sciencey logic?

nerd3-faraday3.) Daniel Faraday, Lost

Daniel Faraday may have gone out like a punk due to some lame unavoidable destiny, but with the exception of that he spent his time on Lost being a really cool scientist and doing something most couldn’t even dream of: applied theoretical physics. I also really love how he never really tried to explain the physics to people, any more than he had to.

nerd4-fred4.) Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle, Angel

Fred came into the Angel ‘verse kinda…. insane. Then there was all sorts of death and fighting and fighting of death, so the fact that she’s a genius scientist who managed to send herself to a demon dimension (with SCIENCE!!) wasn’t often at the forefront during the show. But the fact that Fred didn’t often make use of her sciencey bits makes her no less of a Nerd, and she certainly interacted with people in a Nerdy way, so on the list she goes.

nerd5-mac5.) Cindy ‘Mac’ Mackenzie, VMars

Mac is the one entry on this list I wasn’t sure about. She just seems a bit too cool to me for a Nerd. But then, my Nerd criteria don’t include uncoolness, it’s just something I kinda expect. She’s also a bit different from the standard TV Nerds in that she’s a web designer. It’s just not what you usually see from someone who’s good with computers on TV.

There we go, Nerd list: complete! Tomorrow we get Dorky.



~ by Jerk on September 8, 2009.

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