Jerk's Top TV Geeks IV: The Dork List

Ahhh Dorks, least common of the TV geeks. Once again, just my top five in no particular order:

dork1-sam1.) Sam Weir, Freaks and Geeks

The first Freaks and Geeks entry on the list. One thing that show did very well (besides fuckin’ rock) was portray geekery in a very realistic way. Sam was an incredibly Dorky character, though he always seemed to me less of someone openly embracing their Dorky side, and more someone who didn’t realize he was a huge Dork.

dork2-xander2.) Xander Harris, BTVS

Buffy was the first time I saw believable geeks on TV, and Xander (if IMDB doesn’t list him as Alexander ‘Xander’ Harris, I certainly won’t!) stands out as the show’s biggest Dork. Sure, you could argue that Willow was more Dorky in the early seasons (had the show only lasted two seasons, I would have gone with Will), but I think Xander maintained his Dorkitude much better over all seven years.

dork3-pete3.) Pete Lattimer, Warehouse 13

Here we are, the reason I made this multi-day listy deal in the first place. Pete is like a really Dorky Mulder. Highlights of Dorkitude would be: saying ‘OMG what’s the BFD?’ out loud, and when he was happy Myka got his Star Trek reference (bonus points for the fact he made it assuming she wouldn’t, real geeks make the obtuse references regardless of the likelyhood of people actually getting them).

dork4-bill4.) Bill Haverchuck, Freaks and Geeks

Aaand here’s the other Freaks and Geeks entry (Neal was always too suave to be a Dork, I thought)! Bill is hands down my fave F&G character, he’s just so wonderfully Dorky, and clearly not remotely interested in being ‘cool’. How Martin Starr ever pulled off Bill’s look baffles me (srsly, check him out when he guest stars on Undeclared just a year later, it’s crazy how different he looks).

dork5-buster5.) Byron ‘Buster’ Bluth, Arrested Development

Buster is a bit different from the other entries on my lists, because I don’t really see him as much of a geek (he lacked a geeky hobby, I think. He was more like a geek minus the geek interests). He is, however, pretty much a perfect example of my definition of a Dork, so on the list he goes!

There we are, lists complete! Tomorrow, some honourable mentions and why they didn’t make the cut.



~ by Jerk on September 9, 2009.

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