Enough with the Vampires

vampire_diaries_2I remember when I was growing up, there was a ‘gang’ the next town over known as vampires.  Rumor went around that they drank blood and that town was so sketch to begin with that you kinda believed it.  That and I was probably 12.  Vampires come and go through our stream of consciousness.  They’re so hot for a while then they fade out only to come back stronger and stronger with each new generation.  JerkDoubleBitch.com is not the place for me to wax on about what that means or why it’s happening but fact meet fact, it is.

Thus in a post Twilight world we have things like The CW’s Vampire Diaries.  When they first moved VD (They had to see that shorthand coming…) into Smallville’s place I could see how the two might go together.  Ohh dead things! Ooo dimly shot shows with broody boys, yum! but after tonight’s pilot I’m pretty sure they got that wrong too.  I still think Reaper would have been a much better fit.

It’s not that the ‘look’ of the shows doesn’t match, it’s not even that the theme of the shows doesn’t match it’s more that you can’t put One Tree Hill on before BSG.  Okay, I’m over reacting here but right now Supernatural is in a place that’s all about strategy.  It’s smart and it’s engaging and this week it did what a premiere should do, get you hooked and excited about the rest of the season.

VD failed on a big front in that respect.  It laid out the basic plot, introduced the characters and relationships but short of wanting to see Ian Somerhalder stir some high school drama I have no real desire to see what happens next to these characters.  Was I the only one who felt like Somerhalder was way too old for that role?  Whatever, it doesn’t matter.  I was really surprised that VD made it as the #1 twitter topic even after SPN had aired on the east coast, unless people were talking about how boring it was.  I even checked the clock halfway through wondering when it would be over.

That’s never a good sign.  This is another one of the recent vamp adventures I’m going to have to skip out on, kinda like Breaking Dawn.



~ by doublebitch on September 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Enough with the Vampires”

  1. Vampire gang what now?

  2. Ha…well I liked VD better than the VD books but that was damning with faint praise. I agree that Boone (he is always Boone to me) is too old for the Damon role. I think I’ll watch when none of my other shows are on but other than that. I did like the female though, think she would have been a better choice for Bella. Elena is supposed to be a gorgeous blond but I guess they really did want to tap into the Twilight world.

  3. I have to agree. I didn’t connect to the characters at all. I really wanted this to be great, but it just wasn’t.The only things half decent was Somerhalder and the music. I’ll give it one more shot though… I’ve disliked a lot of shows based on the first epi, and sometimes I’m wrong.

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