Glee suffers from the Mama-Mia Syndrome

glee-cast-300x243I caught the pilot for Glee a few months ago when it first aired even if I didn’t understand why they were putting out their pilot so early and then re-airing it over and over again between then and now.  Last night was the first episode after the pilot and it’s already run into my number one fear, something I’m going to call “the Mama-Mia Syndrome”.

First things first, I think we better get it out there that I am a huge fan of musicals.  I also own both the original High School Musical movie and the soundtrack.  I fully support this movement of people singing and dancing and.. high school.. I guess so when I heard that Glee was going to be like HSM the TV show I was slightly skeptical but stoked none the less.   The pilot was solid, the plot was good, the characters were fun.  I was on board.  But in the last song of the second episode I cringed.

Mama-Mia was created by taking a bunch of unrelated songs and putting them together to make a story even if you had to ignore a few lyrics.  For me this was unacceptable.  I couldn’t get over gender switching in songs or when they tried to get a different message out of a song for sake of the story.  This is exactly what has happened with Glee already.  They’re clearly so concerned with having the hit song that everybody knows that they missed the fact that it didn’t make any logical sense for the character.

How was he unfaithful to her?  They weren’t even together.  They took a great, albeit fast relationship build up and threw it out for an over the top performance of a song that didn’t fit.  I fear if they’ve done this this early, they’ll easily take it on again.

Other than that, the grossly obvious overdubbing of the songs is a turn off too.  I will probably keep watching just because the format appeals to me. What did you think?

– DoubleBitch


~ by doublebitch on September 11, 2009.

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