Ironic Tales Featuring Jerk

I was planning to finally start Defying Gravity tonight.

defyI may not be the most qualified to talk about this saying as, you know, I still haven’t started the show, but I’m surprised to see this go so soon. It seems like a unique enough concept for prime time network television, with the added bonus of the Grey’s connection to help bring in viewers. I thought at the very least there would be a full season, and a probable pickup for a second.

(shines DB signal for an actually informed response to the cancellation)



~ by Jerk on September 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ironic Tales Featuring Jerk”

  1. informed response: they canceled Defying Gravity? I’ve been in my Panic Room for the past 3 days. I had no idea.

    Granted they started moving around the airing dates a few weeks ago and whenever that happens you can be pretty sure it’s on the chopping block.

  2. Apparently not officially, and there’s a chance it could come back but it isn’t looking good, from what I’ve read today.

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