DB's Heroes Wish List

As my mother just reminded me, Heroes is back in less than a week.  Are you excited?  As much as I grumble about Heroes and get a kick out of poking fun at it, I do and always have loved the show in it’s own way.  Probably 90% of that is associated with Grunny but that’s besides the point.

In honour of Heroes’ triumphant return I’ve put together a list of things I wish for in the next season:

  • future-hiro-heroesMore respect for the characters. No in love then out of love then in love then crotch fire.
  • More attention on good characters like Hiro or.. future Hiro
  • Less on gay for pay Claire and Emo Bangs Peter (unless Peter returns to cool, which I believe is possible)
  • Fewer “mystery man behind the plan” stories
  • No city doomed to explode
  • Return of awesome lost characters like Aquaboy and YouTube Girl, also Molly
  • Absolutely no appearance of Parkman’s ex-wife or any character played by Ali Larter – though I’m pretty sure I’m SOL on that one.
  • James Kyson Lee to actually live up to his twitter-promise (promtwis?) that Ando sleeps with the everyone

Those are just a few wishes that I think are totally plausible.  I’m sure you’ve got a few more.  Let’s hear them!


~ by doublebitch on September 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “DB's Heroes Wish List”

  1. Okay, wait a minute, did you actually advocate for more Hiro? Or do you only mean badass future Hiro and not manchild current Hiro? Because I saw scenes where Hiro meets his kid self, yet again, and thought about gouging my eyes out. I CANNOT endure that again. Last season he drove me insane. If they have him act mature, fine, but otherwise Hiro can die.

    My list would be: Sylar, lots of Sylar, Sylar in Nathan, Sylar out of Nathan (that sounds really perverted but it works).

    Claire loses invincibility and dies (maybe with Hiro).

    Sylar/Nathan/whomever goes to Mexico and kills Maya, just to ensure she never ever returns again.

    Elle turns out to have been invincible and returns.

    Future Peter comes out to play (like you, I prefer him to emo Peter by a mile but the pretty keeps me happy at all times).

    HRG + Angela, in any scheming capacity.

    Mr. Muggles triumphant return.

    Um…this carnival thing has me very worried but I’m reserving judgment, so far.

    I could go on but I have used up enough of your blog! I second the Ando stuff too!

  2. Lucky for you, ‘Hiro is dying’ is his plotline for the season. And apparently Parkman mind-altering Sylar to think he’s Nathan left him with his own Head Sylar. So it will be like Baltar and Six, only sexier.

  3. Okay, my list:

    -be good, dammit! Have continuity and character development and logic in the plot.

    -bring back Adam. Have him hang out with Dying Hiro and Sexing Ando.

    -don’t kill off any cool new characters, let some of them at least survive a season.

  4. I’m liking our season better already

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