My SPN Wishlist is Shorter Now

I’m weird. I tend to really focus on and like little tertiary things in my fiction (such as Jonathan Levinson being my favourite Buffy character). With any show where I’m into the mythology enough, I end up with a wishlist of items, people, whatever that may have been important for one ep, or even one scene, that I hope to see pop up again at a later date. SPN 502 let me stroke an entry off my list: Dean’s necklace.

dean necklaceDean’s necklace has been one of the central mysteries of the show for me ever since we saw the flashback where he first got it, and learned why it had sentimental value for Dean. But the necklace was something that Bobby had wanted John to have, so clearly it was rocking some hardcore magics. For the past season and a half I’ve been waiting to find out just what the necklace was all about, and now we know.

The interesting thing, however, is that Bobby apparently didn’t know what the necklace did. So while it’s most likely a plot point that’s fallen by the wayside in terms of importance, I would like to know why Bobby wanted John to have it in the first place. Maybe he just thought it was pretty and would look really good on JDM.



~ by Jerk on September 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “My SPN Wishlist is Shorter Now”

  1. I loved the irony of it – how the necklace could have helped Dean find the very thing whose existence he continuously denies, i.e. God. On top of the priceless expression on Dean’s face when he looked down at the necklace and back up at Castiel, I laughed for a good couple of minutes 😉

  2. Good call, I forgot the necklace came from Bobby. I remembered that Sam wanted to give it to his father initially and then he gave it to Dean after Dean gave him Christmas. What I truly loved was Dean’s instinctual reaction not to give up that symbol of his brother’s love. It tied in well with the rest of the episode and his struggle with his emotions in loving Sam but not trusting him.

  3. I may kinda believe that John and Bobby had a special kind of relationship over the years. Maybe he just thought it was real purdy.

    I think there were probably major connections for Dean in being able to take the necklace off and give up Sam later that day… Also remember that he took it off when doing angel chick.

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