Heroes Vol 5 Ep 1 Live Blog

Thought I’d try out this Live Blog thing for tonight’s Heroes, feel free to keep up if you’re around and comment to play along!


heroes_nathanIs Claire less annoying already?  Maybe by putting her with someone more annoying.  What do we know her from?

Dial a hero?  Awesome.  I’d call just for the sign.

Peter is much better when he’s Peter-Parker-esque

Maybe it’s because Claire isn’t wearing a wig anymore.  OOoh Ted!

This is  job for MR Muggles!

Havent we seen this bad guy on Supernatural already?  Water-in-car guy.  Oh wait, right tracy.. or..whoever she is.

Alfred the driver? nice MaTrelli

That baby’s going.. I am so clearly not your son.  For one, I’m blonde.  Parkman did good though.  The last house he had with a baby was Mohinder’s grubby dark apartment.  He’s got Hydro!

Ish.  This show needs a serious H2IK sequence.

Tattoo guy officially has the coolest power ever.heroes_season_2_claire_4

Heroes love Sake

Didn’t they say we were gonna go with fewer story lines?  Why is this Danko thing even relevant anymore?  Clearly not as relevant as I thought.  Ali Larter always looks slightly turned on.  Is that what it’s like to be stereotypically beautiful?

Ando needs a gross goatee.   and by “the code” we mean what the writers decided so they’d stop screwing themselves into a corner.

Um.. wow? I don’t get shows that introduce characters just to kill them.  Dont we have something better to do with our time?

That baby has amazing faces!  That’s exactly the face I’d be making.  Okay, I might sniff him but that’s pretty much terrified to a T.

Callin’ it.  Parkman/Sylar storyline will be the best one of the year.
Yes Matt, come back to bed so you can forget all about the love of your life, the one who died for you…

I like it better when characters are metaphorically the ‘key’ to something.  More so than when they are physically the key.

Claire + Nancy Drew roommate? trouble trouble trouble

Just what Peter needed, a couple more facial scars.

When HRG tells you to call your mom, You betta call your mom.

Please see previous prediction about Sylar/Parkman.  So much man chemistry


~ by doublebitch on September 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Heroes Vol 5 Ep 1 Live Blog”

  1. Was that a Dawn joke?

  2. considering i have no idea what you’re talking about, probably not.

  3. Well you should respond during the live blogging then, not a couple days latter. It’s the ‘I like it better when characters are metaphorically the ‘key’ to something. More so than when they are physically the key.’ part, and Dawn as in Buffy’s sister.

  4. you posted this after the episode anyway.. so fail

    also, have you seen the episode yet? Danko literally had a key inside him

  5. thirdly, you should post about Castle

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