House Bumps out Heroes

If you FOLLOW US ON TWITTER you might have seen me say “Watching #Heroes and #House on the same day is like having a double identity and one is in the remedial class (but you love it anyway)”

heroes-20070319071403629After a few days to mull it over I’m still in the same boat.  With the Fall shows coming back in full force it’s all about scheduling what you’ll watch live and what you’ll catch later, in whatever way you do that.  Monday night is STACKED this year.  There’s a bit of something for everyone.  Heroes, House, One Tree Hill,  and How I met your Mother on at 8. Trauma and Big Bang Theory in the 9 o’clock hour, all topped off with Castle at 10.  Don’t even talk to me about Leno.

My biggest issue comes in the 8 pm hour with three shows I watch.  For the past two years I would have said Heroes, hands down takes the “appointment television” position slot in my books.  OTH, isnt even a question and house was one I’d catch up on later.

house_md_poster4A lot of people were worried about where House was going with the institutionalization and drug dependency of the main character but the people at working behind House have managed to pull through in a way that has made the character richer and slightly more relateable without ruining his sadistic charm that we all know and love.  Holy run on sentence batman!

What I’m saying is that even though the 2 hour premiere of house was almost like a mini-series side step from the main direction and natural patern of the show, it’s managed to set me up for the rest of the season in a way that makes me want to tune in.

Part of what had kept me watching Heroes live was the fan interaction.  Podcasts and chats and reviews all had a certian urgency attached to them.  You needed to be in the know, as fast as possible to keep up, I just think the lot of us don’t care as much as we used to.  Blame that on us being too harsh or whatever you’d like.  Either way, I’m tuning into House first now because they do job #1 well first.  They make a good show.



~ by doublebitch on September 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “House Bumps out Heroes”

  1. Now I want to see Milo wearing hiked-up sweatpants.

  2. I could dig out the dress up dolls again. He had a joker suit, he probably had old man sweat pants.

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