Evil Sloane is Evil

I have been working my way though the series Alias for the past few months, a couple episodes at a time before bed a few nights a week is just what the Doctor ordered to keep my passion for tv alive and pumping over the summer.  Now that we’re back into the Fall season I feel like it’s a good time to pause and reflect.

as118016I’m currently sitting about mid way into season 4 thanks to Jerk.. er I mean, his mom’s collection.  So I think I’ve got a pretty good feel for what the show is and by that I mean the formula but it’s got a few features that are really starting to get old.  The greatest of these is the way that Sydney is incapable of forgiving, getting over or moving on from any wrong doing in her life.  First it’s her Dad, then it’s for Sloane.  It’s like we’re being beat over the head with all the bad things they’ve done so we remember what’s happened in past seasons instead of letting the characters express those feelings for us.

Bad things have happened to Sydney Bristo but she’s a spy.  It’s only to be expected.  Not to mention her life is hella cool still, no matter what she may be pouting about this week.  ‘Oh no my Daddy made me a really awesome spy and he didn’t even ask if me if maybe I wanted to work at a burger king or something! I could have had dreams! sobs!’  I just don’t buy it.

The thing I’m getting sick of is being beaten to death with the fact that the bad guy is bad.  Check.  Got it.  So he’s doing some good things now, he’s redeemed himself a little but don’t forget HE’S EVIL!  I guess this could be chalked up to the show trying really hard to remind us who’s pov the show is supposed to be from.  Very few shows of this type, with a large-ish cast maintain the same character focus for season upon season.  It’s not unusual for another character to take a brief shot at the spotlight but they make sure that doesn’t happen with Alias.   Or maybe they’re setting us up to make sure we’re not surprised when he does betray them.  Maybe he’ll come through and be the good guy in the end but this seems like far too long and obvious of a journey for that to be the outcome.  Either way, Sydney Bristo has vowed to never forgive him.  After the 100th time hearing it, gotta say, I believe her.



~ by doublebitch on September 26, 2009.

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