House, Heroes and Grey's Take 2

Lets get one more kick at the season premiere cat while it’s still fresh-ish.  One thing we’ve seen over the past two weeks is three major 2 hour premieres, House, Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy.  We’ve also seen three different uses for the 2 hour episode, preface, expositional and the double episode.

Snakes-on-a-Cane-Ad-for-Season-6-of-House-M-D-2Of these, the first and by far the best was House.  House used the extra minutes to preface the season with a mini-film type episode that filled us in on the emotional changes the main character experienced over the break.  I really liked how they left the rest of the cast completely out of premiere, not only that but they introduced one off characters and a few that will become reoccurring.  This kind of episode is only possible because it was carefully tailored from the previous season’s storyline.  I was concerned last year when they sent House off from the rest of the staff but they’ve proved again and again that they are not only prepared for the challenge but are approaching it in a unique way with only the best interest of the story in mind.

* Could we take a second to thank the people at House for always having amazing promo pictures? This one’s called Snakes on a cane.  So awesome.

Emile_DankoHeroes.  Oh God, here we go again.  I wasn’t super pleased with the episode.  It was loaded with exposition, setting us up for the new format where we see only a few characters per episode.  In doing so they missed some characters and brought others back for no apparent reason.  Danko leading them to the carnival story was stupid and something I’m going to ignore knowing full well they’ll never come back to discuss his connection to the ensemble.  It wasn’t something I felt like it needed two hours.  All it served to do was make me really tired by the end of the night watching 5 hours instead of my usual 3 hour Monday night.  This episode didn’t hold the suspense a show like Heroes requires to necessitate a 2 hour premiere.

GYI0051051829.jpgGrey’s Anatomy was a completely useless double premiere.  The countdown of days since the death of George O’Malley didn’t impress me.  I still don’t really care for the fact that Izzie’s still alive but I did enjoy seeing her return to her old self a little bit.  McSteamy, Little Grey and Cali were good too.  The star of the episode has to go to Karev who finally has a chance to shine now that McDead is gone to stay.. we hope.  I didn’t see the purpose in the other storyline, the girl who cut off her arms and legs.  At what other time have we had enough drama in the hospital to focus solely on the characters at hand?  This would have been a great time for them to step back and really focus on personnel.  The shake up with the staff could prove interesting, or really bad.  We’ll see how this goes.  Secondary episode fail goes to the show somehow making Sandra Oh look like a bad actor.  Will she become the new George?

The double episode should be used carefully and not just thrown on to dominate the night before the new shows come in the next week.  You shouldn’t have to sell new shows by fooling your viewers into watching.  They should also fit well into your story.  I think all three of these shows took that to heart and at least used them to build on the major events of the past season and direct them towards the future.  For shows all well into their run, this should just be a given. I’ve blabbed enough, lets see if they continue on these paths for the rest of the season.



~ by doublebitch on September 30, 2009.

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