Jerk's Show Return Spectacular!

I found after watching a couple of the season premieres this season that I had a few words to say about them, but not enough that I thought they warranted a post of their own. But now that I’ve watched all of the premieres (well, almost. Season five sucked enough that I haven’t worked up the interest in settling down for a full 85 minutes of Grey’s yet) I can share my thoughts!

luciferMay as well start with the first show to come back for the season, Supernatural.  It was good. Really good. But honestly at this point I have so much faith in Kripke this was a given. I have faith he’ll end the show well. I have faith if the show continues, it will only do so if they have a strong enough plot for the sixth season. Oh and, holy crap we’re like 1/7th of the way through the season already, crazy!

I already talked about BBT, so I’ll move on to the other CBS sitcom I watch, How I Met Your Mother. HIMYM was my favourite comedy last season, though I’ve found up until now the show’s been 3/3 for having returning season premieres that were disappointing. This year it broke that streak with a really solid ep, so it looks like the show may not have peaked yet, very impressive.

Sticking to Mondays, Castle was solid. This isn’t really about the premiere, but to me it really felt more like the return after a midseason break then the start of a whole new season. Because of how short the first season was, maybe?

Mondays also brought us Heroes, which was kinda meh, yet far better then last year’s premiere. I think DB said what was needed with her first foray into liveblogging, though I do want to comment on the very end of the episode via amusing picture.

bleary-eyed stubbly paceyNext up, Fringe. Wow. I mean that, this was my favourite season premiere out of the whole bunch. Even if the ending reveal was pretty obvious already, the entire episode was still fantastic, and with this ep a new phase of Fringe’s life begins, so it’s a perfect jumping-on point for anyone who didn’t catch the first season. It was like the best of Alias meets the best of the X-Files, I’m really, really impressed here.

Two semi-related shows can share a paragraph here, The Office and Parks & Recreation. I found the premiere of The Office to be a very meh ep, while P&R was far better, and a huge step up from the first season. Good enough that it may need to be added as a category for the blog, we’ll see.

On Fridays, Dollhouse kicked off it’s second season really well (I’d say I enjoyed the Dollhouse premeire as much as I did SPN), taking some of the characters (Paul and Doctor Fred) in verrrrry interesting directions. Whedon also started his string of awesome guest stars early, giving us Bamber and Alexis Denisof in the first ep!

Next up we have Smallville, which was… interesting. Not sure about the whole ‘Clark prophesied to destroy the world’ bit, though I did really like both Zod and Metallo. Chloe’s request seemed like a lame ‘drive a wedge between Clark and his old life’ bit, and I find I don’t care at all about Ollie. Overall I’d say pretty good, and I’m optimistic for the season. Oh, and I think Clark should get a shorter haircut to go with his new look, what he’s got going on now doesn’t seem to fit it.

going for a swimAnd the final premiere I’ve caught recently, Californication. This was excellent. I hadn’t realized I’d missed the Californication verse of bon mots and infinite wit until I got to experience it again. The recap of the previous season at the start even had comedic timing! I also don’t think it’s possible to ever get tired of hearing David Duchovny swear. Dunno what it is exactly, but hearing him say motherfucker is one of the best things ever.



~ by Jerk on September 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Jerk's Show Return Spectacular!”

  1. I was gonna write a post about smallville this morning but I think you covered a lot of it. My biggest fear is that it will fall into the same trap that happened a few years back, with the addition of all these new characters and the kryptonian nazi’s they’ll forget that Clark is the main character. He’s the character we care about.

    I really disliked Chloe asking Clark to save Jimmy. It was out of character and just another notch in the stupid stuff they’ve done to Chloe belt. I’m actually more interested in the Lois line.

  2. I agree with everything you just said.

  3. yay

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