JDB Random Question # Supernatural Edition

Supernatural-The End 2I’ve been toiling over the most recent episode of Supernatural “The End” for the past few days, mulling over the events and how amazing it was over all.  This finally brings me down to a question that I can’t get over.  If, as the show has stated, and you know.. the bible, that Lucifer/Sam is in fact a fallen angel then why are they planning to use a demon killing artifact to kill him?

Why not use an angel killing..ah.. thing?  The Colt, like the knife will kill the big bad..demon, not to my understanding, just anything at all.  Dean stabbed Cas with the knife in the beginning of season 4 and nothing happened.  It has no effect on Angels.  So.. how exactly would the colt be any different?  Maybe I need to go back and brush up on my lore.  Somebody jump in here and help me.



~ by doublebitch on October 3, 2009.

27 Responses to “JDB Random Question # Supernatural Edition”

  1. Well didn’t Castiel use that knife on the angels though? I could swear he used it to kill the guys with Zachariah. So is that a continuity issue? I don’t know. We don’t really know that the colt will indeed kill the devil, do we? I mean, Dean wants to get it but is there proof that it works? Good question!

  2. oh that’s right! Either way though, if it didnt work on someone as strong as Cas.. there’s no hope for Lucifer. What about the thing that killed Uriel? Was that chickie’s grace? I cant remember.

  3. Maybe it’s not just the colt, it’s the bullets. Remember that they used the last, original bullets long ago and Ruby helped them to make new ones, the kind that kill Demons because she was a demon. So with Cas’ help, shouldn’t they be able to come up with magic bullets which kill angels?

    And Lucifer as a fallen angel, isn’t he the epitome of a demon? Maybe that’s why they need the colt. Or does he only command mere demons?

  4. But didn’t John Winchster say that the gun could kill anything? I would think that since the angels are also classed as supernatual entities, then they aren’t immune from it’s power either.

  5. blackannis is right. John Winchester specifically said the Colt could kill anything, not just demons. It’s just that hunters have never had a reason to try to kill an angel before now.

  6. The colt is said to be able to kill anything, that’s why they’re opting to use that over Ruby’s knife.

  7. No, the angels have special weapons that they use to kill one another. Uriel, Castiel and Anna have all been seen using a metal spear that extends down from their right arm. I think this is what you’re confusing the knife with.

  8. Yeah, I was thinking John said the gun could kill anything, too, and it’s not like it’s *only* relegated to demons because they killed a vampire with it to test it out.

  9. No one has any idea if the gun will work or not, but Dean clearly has no other ideas at this point.

  10. The colt can kill any supernatural being, not just demons. The boys have used it to kill demons as well as vampires thus far. They are hoping that it can take out Lucifer.

  11. As previous people have said when the Colt was first introduced John said that it can kill anything (in fact the first thing that we saw killed by the Colt was a vampire). Ruby’s knife can kill only demons, angels need a different and special weapon as we saw in “On the head of a pin”, that’s why The Colt is the only way the Winchesters have to kill Lucifer (that they know at least), because Lucifer is treated in Supernatural as an angel and not a demon.

  12. The Colt can apparently kill anything, but they’ve only used it to kill demons and vampires so we don’t know if this is true. Its ability to kill anything was the reason John was looking for it, since no one knew how to kill a demon then or if it was even possible.

    Ruby’s knife only seems to kill low level demons (ie. not angels or Alistair). And also anything non-demony that wouldn’t normally survive being stabbed with a sharp pointy object, I guess. 😛

    Uriel (and then Anna, and now Castiel) used a sword that was supposed to be Lucifer’s but that detail wasn’t included in the ep. When Sam asked Anna (in “Heaven and Hell”) if there was any way to kill an angel she said there wasn’t any weapons they could get to right then, which implies there are some more angel killing weapons out there somewhere… Would they work on Lucifer? Who knows.

  13. John said this gun can kill anything because that’s what he was told. He wasn’t just making it up.


    It does not just kill “evil”… because what IS evil? Colt played it safe and made a gun that can kill ANYTHING.

  14. THIS! I think this is the most accurate answer so far.

  15. Well, one cannot rule out the possibility that whoever told John that the Colt can kill “anything” might have been making it up, or else underinformed. Right now, we only know that the Colt can definitely kill vampires, demons, and anything that usually dies after being shot (humans, shapeshifters, wendigos, various animals).

    We don’t know if the Colt can kill ghosts. We don’t know if the Colt can kill non-Christian gods. We don’t know if the Colt can kill Lucifer, or any other angel.

    That said, I agree with yourself and everyone who said that using the Colt is Dean’s best bet right now; it makes sense because it’s the weapon he knows about which is most likely to work.

  16. I’d agree with you and also, according to Dean and Bobby, no one had seen any angels previously to Castiel appearing to Dean. Castiel said they hadn’t been on earth in 2000 years, do likely Samuel Colt didn’t know about them either. Personally, I hope the gun can NOT kill angels… that just makes it a too powerful weapon. The angels being able to kill one another with their swords makes sense, so maybe Dean or Sam can wield one of those. We know that Castiel can, so he could also maybe kill Lucifer with it.

  17. Ok Lucifer it’s and evil angel.
    Uriel said that only and angel could kill another so just Michael can do it, but what about his devil part?
    I guess the could try with The Colt, The waepon who can`t kill “everithing” supernatural appealing to the evil part.

    I never understant the knife or the colt, they looks like every demon that been killed with those can come back, the yellow eyes demon in the church in “Lucifer’s Rising”… how powerfull they are?

    I really think the Colt couldn’t do a thing with Lucifer, and never understar what they think it could… but if i have to give you and answer that could be: Killing evil part of the… evil.


  18. btw Sammuel Colt knows about Angels when he built the Colt?

    For all I know hunters think there’s no angels…

  19. Wow – great dicussion – thank you DoubleBitch for starting it up!

    It seems that the consensus is that we don’t know if the Colt can kill an angel, John Winchester said it could kill anything, and dean 2014 has no other choice at this point.

    I can’t help but wonder: does it make sense that angels can kill each other? I know Castiel killed two of them when he came to Dean and Sam’s rescue, but if such a thing is possible, why wasn’t Lucifer killed? If Castiel was able to kill two low-level angels (which I’m assuming that’s what Zachariah’s two bodyguards were), then why couldn’t Michael, one of the most powerful angels, have killed Lucifer?

    Unless it was on God’s orders that Lucifer was locked up rather than killed.

  20. What I’m getting from all your great answers is that we need a JDM Papa Winchester appearance to clear this all up hmmm?

  21. I would assume that’s somewhere in the code. Kinda like Superman, don’t kill anybody. I was just watching some of the season 4 features last night and they’ve got a lot to say about the balance of good and evil and how God/good really needs the devil/bad to be valid.

    I wonder if there’s any clergy who watch spn. I’d love to hear their take, from an entertainment standpoint of course.

  22. DoubleBitch, if you could get the POV of a member of the clergy, that would be awesome.

    And Papa Winchester is always welcome to make an appearance 😉

  23. I asked myself that same question. After all we’ve been through in the last five years, the answer to saving the world is…THE COLT? Really? I can’t see how that would even be the solution.

  24. This week has made me question this even more, considering Dean wasn’t interested in looking for the colt. I think he knows it wont work.

    The one thing I think we have to remember is that the colt was originally made and used in a world that wasnt aware of the angles. And what man..magic thing could possibly make a weapon single handedly that could kill angels (and or anything) That doesn’t seem so plausible. Someone would have to have been behind the making of the colt, thus making it tilted good or evil itself.

  25. Yes the Colt was said that it could kill anything, but since Ruby was the one to “fix” it, she could and most likely tampered with it and made it so it couldn’t be used on Lucifer. When Dean went to shoot him and it didn’t work, Lucifer told him it did not work on 5 beings. I believe he was referring to himself and the 4 horsemen.

  26. The scene with Azazel in “Lucifer Rising” was a flashback … Lucifer was telling him that he needed Lillith to get to Sam many years from then.

  27. Though I think you meant “Lazarus” not “Lucifer’s”

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