I Believe in Dr. Rush

The pilot of SGU was an interesting animal. On one hand I really enjoyed it. The plot, the pacing, and several of the actors really impressed me, and the effects were pretty damn awesome. On the other hand, by the end of the ep I was annoyed by almost every character not named Doctor Nicholas Rush.

sgu 001Now I can understand how people would be testy, being attacked by aliens, forced to jump through a Stargate to an unknown location, many people dead or injured, et cetera. And yes, Rush does do creepy stuff like use mind control stones without telling people, and claim he brought them when he did not. So, I mean everyone has a different viewpoint, you can’t expect everyone to agree with him.

But, you know, someone agreeing with him would have been nice. Especially considering he spent most of the ep using logic and common sense for his decisions. Yelling at him for not trying to fix the broken Stargate, when you’re going to run out of air in an hour? Really? You can’t see why the air thing may be a bigger issue? The possibility that it would take over an hour to get the Stargate to bring you home never crossed your mind?

Okay, now you’ve found the air leak, and the only way to fix it is to have someone stay on the wrong side of the airlock. How dare you try to draw up a list of the people who are injured sgu 002and/or don’t have skills/knowledge that could be important to survival, in case there aren’t any volunteers! And now my dad’s sacrificed himself to save us all, you fucking murderer!

Insert facepalm here.

As I said, tense situation, tempers high, life-and-death. Obviously everyone isn’t going to agree with Rush. But, maybe a couple people could? Please? The only main character I don’t remember being against Rush at some point was Medic Black Canary, and that may have just been because they didn’t really share scenes. I really don’t want the show to become Rush on one side, everyone else on the other. To make this post a little less of a bitchfest (because srsly, I liked this pilot muchly), one Man Versus Rush conflict I did enjoy was when Rush explained to newbie Eli that yes, he did care that someone had just died, but there were still a lot of things that they needed to work on to make the ship work, and if he could put on his big boy pants and stop just laying on a bench that would be great.

I also don’t think you can fault the huge science nerd from wanting to make the super awesome ancient ship on the other side of the universe work and play with it, instead of going home.

Oh, and if the first thing you do after being tossed across billions of lightyears is to demand one guy is thrown in a cell, that gets you put at the top of the ‘characters I hate’ list, Wray. I just hope this list stays fairly short.



~ by Jerk on October 5, 2009.

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