Grunny Says Hold On

10thLast night, after Heroes and Castle and my skype chat with my mom and my brother about Heroes I dropped by the 10th Wonder Podcast’s Live show like I usually do.  I’ve been watching some of these cats for years now, back when they used to be Starkville’s House of El Smallville Podcast (that show is still running, I believe).  I miss Derek but Graham is always great to listen to.  They’ve got great insight on the shows and it’s always nice to gather to hear what people think/are saying.

NikkiandGregGrunbergBy total surprise last night who pops into the chat but Greg Grunberg who then eventually ends up calling into the podcast and talking to everyone about Yowza. Oh and some other things too.  I can’t believe I’m considering breaking my “Never watch Leno” rule to see him roll some dice.  He’ll be on weeknights throwing the dice to help somebody win a million bucks with the McDonald Monopoly game that’s just started back again.

One of the Heroes related things that he did let out of the bag was to hold out for episode 7.  He says it’s heavily Parkman/Sylar and something both he and Zach are very proud of.  This is great to hear, as we all experienced the lull last night of what an episode without them can have.  If you want to check out Grunny in his own words hop on over to the replay of last night’s live show and be sure to check them out live right after Heroes airs on the west coast.  They also have formal shows too.

On one last thought about last night’s episode of Heroes, I’m starting to think they’re really going to have to hand us some clues as to what’s going on with the circus crew or we’re going to lose interest fast.  I need to get some tiny peek into their plan or else I don’t care.



~ by doublebitch on October 6, 2009.

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